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  1. I just don’t care anymore.

  2. I totally do.

  3. Great, I said I dropped all the avenger stuff and this one is about the Illuminati….Must….not…pull….got to….fight…urge to… Secret Invasion….

  4. Just give in, Champ, just give in.

  5. No I mustn’t…It’s bad enough I’m getting Black Panther and Thunderbolts…..I just cant do it, even if the previews show this will be good….Gah!!!!!

  6. Illuminati… Illuminati… ILLUUUUMINATI!

  7. Is there a monkey cover?

  8. where is this cover from?

  9. PymSlap (@alaska_nebraska) says:

    @cutty . . . The New Avengers Illuminati (1 of 5), Feb 2007

  10. they had the cover of #45 up there earlier, the one with Dr. Doom on the cover. Anyone know what that is a homage to?

  11. @cutty – It was actually the original cover to #44, Marvel switched it to 45.

  12. I am totally calling it now… The Dark Secret is that they brainwashed doom into being a doofus after catching him rape Sue Storm when coming back from an iluminatai meeting.  Wait, no, that would be totally out of character and just really make all of our older comics feel creepy, no way anyone would be stupid enough to try something like that in a comic book.  PSHAW,  🙂

  13. PymSlap (@alaska_nebraska) says:

    @cutty – New Avengers 45 appears to be an homage to this book from Stan Lee, "Bring On the Bad Guys – The Origins of the Marvel Comics Villains"  . . . You can see it here,

    The cover is attributed to my hero John Romita, Sr., here 

  14. I’m really hoping this issue brings back the "magic" of New Avengers that has been missing since around the time Yu left the book.

  15. i dropped this with all the secret invasion shenanigans, but man…it IS illuminati. so think i’m going to think of it as an extension of that miniseries, and NOT a secret invasion crossover in my mind, and that’ll allow me to buy it.

  16. What annoys me is the artist. I don’t like Billy Tan. But Illuminati?? Hell yeah!

  17. @ tittom I actually really like Billy Tan but i think Danny Miki ruins his work.

  18. @rift1128 I think that it is actually a combo of both the inking and the coloring that ruins Tan’s art. I once saw his raw pencils on his Uncanny run and they looked a lot better than the comic I actually got. Although, if I were him, i’d be screaming at Marvel for screwing with his pencils so dramatically.

  19. Yeah? I don’t know. I should check it.

  20. I have to admit, his painted art looks great. But the inked and colored stuff, you’re right guys, is bad.

  21. @ShowMeYourWits i agree. i said the same thing in the comments for the Mighty avengers though and i just thingk that Miki is ruining Khoi’s art too.

  22. Bendis went hard-core, with how the Skrulls are totally pulling a Kenny from South Park with their Reed Richards clones. The art here has ben consistent, as well.

  23. I usually hate Billy Tan, but the art in this book was damn good

  24. Am I the only one who didn’t understand this issue ? The whole Secret Invasion is too confusing to me!

  25. @TehDave, Illuminati was really just a bridge from Civil War into Secret Invasion, so if you picked this up and thought of it as part of that series, then by proxy, it is still an SI tie-in.  Add to that the obvious fact that it has the SI banner across the top, and its an SI tie-in twice!

    Oh, and @Fractal514 – HA! 

  26. Man, I know it’s lame but I can’t help to buy into all of the Civil War tie-ins. In my defense, I read NA before that, but still.


    I liked this issue, though. Nothing amazing about it, but nothing horrible either. I’ll give it 3.5

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