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  1. I want some god damn payoff with the secret bloodly invasion already.

  2. Which Avengers (out of the main 3) will be best this week I think this one will.

  3. The last 5 issues of this are sitting in my folder at my shop, I really should catch up to these issues.

  4. Shocking story? I suppose. Hardcore retcon – absolutely. I know Bendis claims to be a continuity nut, but I didn’t know he was such a retcon fan.


    Don’t want to spoil anything – just check this issue out and respond.

  5. Why isn’t this issue a continuation of the Savage Land story?  Not that I am complaining about the Cheung art…

  6. I’ve been liking the fill in bits that this book along with Mighty have been giving, but I long again for story arcs.  Please don’t tell me we are going to get 8 months of support till Secret Invasion is over.

  7. I think the New Avengers are going stay in Savage Land .. FOREVER!

    Eh, I’m enjoying it though.

    So many Avengers this week!  🙂

  8. This will be the top of my stack this week.

  9. I wonder if this will payoff like Bendis has been hoping it will.  Breakout was fun but sorta rushed and a little random and if this answers why and how all the villians got out of Rykers I will be satisfied. Can’t wait to read this.

  10. @coltrane68 – it seems like you’ve already read the issue, and i havent, but i still have to say it.  If Bendis is going back to New Avengers #1 with the invasion, is it a retcon if he’s been planning it the whole time?  He’s been saying for a couple years now that something big was coming and that it would go all the way back and have roots in the beginning of his New Avengers.  Now, if it goes back before that and changes something that Bendis didn’t write with SI in mind, or something that he didn’t write at all, then yeah I guess thats a retcon.  Otherwise it’s just good storytelling.  Either way is fine with me honestly, but having read Bendis’ work for a long time, I’m inclined to go with good storytelling.

  11. Bendis is a fan of continuity, but only his own continuity.  He seems to discard everybody else’s pretty readily. But since he’s writing practically everything nowadays, that’s not so bad.  Still, SI has been a monumental disappointment thus far, and I’m hoping that eventually they stop with these "events" in separate books and just crossover in the regular titles again.  These fill-in stories aren’t at all exciting.

  12. Shogunt is bitter because he wanted to be the main villain of Secret Invasion, but Spider Woman is the skrull queen instead of him. Poor thing.

  13. Solid story but I think the Pym continutiy is off betweent his and his bits in mighty this week

  14. This book was amazing this week.

  15. I’m a proud fan of SI so far.



    My local comics store has all the SI stuff on it’s own rack.  I went in today, picked New Avengers up, skimmed through it and put it back.  Then I looked at all the other SI stuff on the rack that’s come out this week and realized that I just didn’t care anymore.

  17. @Firest–I’m with you. MONTHS AND MONTHS of backstory and now this month we get…re-drawn panels from NA #1! Zzzz

  18. I really liked this. This and Mighty made me realize not just the size of the skrull invasion, but how well thought out it was, and how much they’ve comprimised everything. Yes we got a bunch of re-drawn pannels, but how wondefully re-drawn they were. I liked this book a lot.

  19. I really liked New Avengers and Migthy as well… the thing is that. of SECRET INVASION, the invasion is happening in the mini and the secret is happening on the AVENGERS books… Personally I like this side of it a lot better.

  20. This book was amazing. i mean really really amazing. To me this is good storytelling not a ret-con. I just wonder if we will get another book:

     House of M:Skrulls

  21. @RadConsy: Well considering were getting House of M: Civil War starring Magneto…Then sure why the hell not add another series to a title that was done 3-4 years ago?

  22. Bugger! This didn’t ship in the UK this week! <Fingers in ears> Nahh!! Nahh!! Not listening!

  23. Dudes, this stuff is off the hook, Bendis has basically made NA, MA, and SI into one huge epic superhero movie–done ina "Pulp Fiction" or "Usual Suspects" kind of way.  Bendis, you are knocking this $*!# OUT OF THE PARK, in my opinion.  It may even salvage Civil War’s sorry butt in the process.

  24. I hear that SteveM!  I’ve been loving SI and the tie-ins.

  25. Ditto on everything you said SteveM.  Glad I got back into comics right at the beginning of SI.

  26. Put me in the "Really digging this" camp. I went back and reread New Avengers 1-25 over the last two weeks, along with Illuminati, House of M, and some other Bendis books and yes, it does appear that he ain’t lying when he says this has been brewing since the beginning. And it’s all working for me. All of it. Even the tie ins so far.

    Enjoyed the heck outta this book, as well as Mighty. Only complaint, I didn’t need the redrawn pages because I already have ’em and (as noted above) recently read ’em. Other than that, 4 Art, 5 story.

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