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  1. If this book is as good as Mighty Avengers last week then were in for a treat.

  2. Rift….Oh I think you’ll enjoy this!

  3. I wasn’t reading this or Mighty up untill Secret Invasion #1 but i loved mighty avengers last week and I will be getting this.

  4. Ok, completely dumb question but as I’ve just registered on the site how do you give the book a rating?

  5. I think you have to go on the comics page but have to wait till wensday or maybe tuesday im not to sure what day.

  6. @Guard-  Thanks I appreciate that.

  7. @jjv124 – The rating mechanism doesn’t kick in until midnight at Wednesday.

  8. Thanks Conor much obliged.

  9. Looking forward to this. I encourage everyone to track down Secret War (Bendis’ Nick Fury story), I re-read it recently and found it loaded with skrull possibilities–including the US President, which I know, in terms of this comic is less interesting than a marquee character skrull reveal, but I think it speaks to the overall tone and direction events in the marvel u have taken.

  10. The entire run of New Avengers have been amazing. Since Secret Invasion was announced I started reading through my entire run of New Avengers and examined every panel, all the material seems to take on a whole new meaning. I am very excited about this book i think its going to be the best one yet in terms of skrull info. Secret War is definatly worth another read, Avengers Dissesembled, Kree-Skrull War (new TPB coming soon), New Avengers: Illuminati, and i think Civil War has some interesting info as well.

  11. Jim Cheung is a freaking god. Someone remind me why he’s not on a regular book?

    I’m all over this issue.


  12. For real Diabhol. Cheung is amazing. His work on Young Avengers made that book what it is today and he is always consistently good!

  13. @Diabhol-Cheung is an amazing artist now. Much better than he was when he was drawing the Maverick regular series. Does anyone even remember that anymore? What was that, seven years ago maybe?

  14. Those of you who rated this: how did you get it so early?

  15. This book was completely awesome–off the hook.  This may be the best ‘event’ ever.  Way to go, Bendis!!!

  16. I own Secret Wars, all of the Avengers and Illuminati Titles starting with Bendis’ run, but don’t really have the time to go back and read it all.  Does anyone know of a website where some good natured fanboy has a list of the easter eggs BMB left behind?  Kind of lazy, I know, but I really don’t have the time right now, but I’m really curious.

    Hey Bendis, if you’re lurking out there you could just list them for us! 😉 

  17. @Jon, I have New Avengers through a subscription with Marvel.  Sometimes Marvel mails those out early, as such I usually get my NA, and Thor around Monday or Tuesday, however when I had Wolverine it usually was late.  Hope that answers the questions

  18. Anyone else have a bad printing on this book?  The alignment was off, and the bottom was chopped off, and the space at the top of the page was too big.

  19. OMG this book was good, and as for the reveal I KNEW IT!!!

  20. wow.  that ending is going to force me to go back and read the entire New Avengers series.  great great issue

  21. Great insight into the whole Skrull perspective, really did a good job explaining the ideas being their motives and how massive their plan is, there were also some strange faces on the second to last page, capt. america in the bottom left corner, Bucky i think, vision, and is that Sasquatch??? 

  22. @cutty – I hear ya.  I’m trying to hold off on re-reading the New Avengers series until after SI is all said and done.  Its gonna be tough though, cause I’m already scratching my head about you know who.

  23. My issue was fine Josh–you got a bum copy that made it through. It does happen, I used to work at a printing company and we once accidentally bound a sesame street coloring book into a HMO doctor directory.

  24. @JoeNY i think in the display i saw Elektra, Blackbolt, Hulk, Saquatch, Vision, Captain America, Thing, Cyclops, Nightcrawler?, Dr. Doom?, Wonderman, Nighthawk, and a unknown female (maybe Mrs. Marvel

  25. As for a website with more info,  I read a featured article in that had some great theories and mentioned some great moments where hints were dropped, including the random skrull in blink it you’ll miss it panel with Hawkeye in Avengers Disassembled.

  26. @Cutty- This could go back further that New Avengers.  Bendis started writing Jessica Drew way back in Alias.  I think it could possibly go back that far.  That would blow my mind.

  27. I’ve been meaning to read the entire alias series.  i guess this is a good excuse as any to pick up the trades.  thanks!

  28. In interviews, Bendis says he’s been setting this up for along while so it could definitely go back as far as his work in Alias. This was a strong issue, it was cool seeing where these Skrulls are coming from and how they are able to camoflage themselves so completely. Plus the ending of course was a mindblow.

  29. The reveal in this one was so obvious I never saw it coming.

  30. @JKExar – I just went back and checked Disassembled.  Right there, right before Hawkeye gets "killed", and he’s slaughtering Kree… there it is, a Skrull.  That issue is 4 years old, people.  That’s amazing.

  31. @RaceMcCloud – I’m not seeing the skrull…

  32. Issue #3 of "Chaos", the two panels before Hawkeye catches fire, right there.  Once in the bottom right hand corner of a panel, surrounded by Kree, and the panel right after that, in the distance.

  33. well ill be…yep skrull in Avengers disassembled.

  34. @RaceMcCloud – I never read the Disassembled stuff.  What is the context of the hawkeye scene you’re talking about?

  35. @cutty – Hawkeye shows up mid-fight with a bunch of Kree (who turn out to be Scarlet Witch illusion/make-believe Kree, apparently) after he had gone off somewhere to get a crapload of arrows.  He starts kicking make-believe Kree ass, and among the Kree fleeing/attacking Hawkeye, there is a Skrull, off in the corner, hiding in plain sight, seemingly panicking as well.  This is moments before Hawkeye gets "killed".

  36. @josh-My copy had numerous typos, not to mention some weird pink coloring on the left side of the first few pages. 


  37. This comic was lush!

    This issue shows how Marvel is producing so many better comics then DC. (apart from All Star Superman & All Star Batman)

  38. mighty avengers issue last week kinda was sucky. i mean sure i showed us where Nick was but what the the IMPORTANT REVEAL??

    this was an amazing issue it showed HOW the skrulls were able to pass by for humans and it showed much more important information.

    the REAL question is…is Spider-Woman a skrull???? im saying YES

  39. rayclark – i think that the reason most people didnt like last weeks might avengers was because its was pretty much a bunch of talking, but it was all leading up to that end scene with fury and spider-woman. this issue of new avengers hammers it home how devastingly important that conversation will be in the future (assuming that the skrull reveal at the end was true, im not gonna put it past bendis to throw us a red herring like that)

  40. very skrully…

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