• The Illuminati experience their first incursion since reforming.

• Can the loose brotherhood of end times trust each other enough to use the Infinity Gems in unison?

• And a new member joins the Illuminati!

Story by Jonathan Hickman
Art by Steve Epting & Rick Magyar
Colors by Frank D'Armata
Cover by Jock, Dale Keown, & Morry Hollowell

Price: $3.99
iFanboy Community Pick of the Week Percentage: 30.1%


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Avg Rating: 4.5
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  1. issue 2 was amazing. I can not wait for this issue to be here so I be confused for another month!

  2. Epting Epting Epting Epting… that is all.

  3. Wasn’t this book supposed to drop to $2.99 after the first issue or did I make that up?

    • I remember that too. It was suppose to drop to 2.99 and go to once a month after the first month

    • It’s definitely going to once a month for the foreseeable future. On a recent podcast (can’t recall which one) Hickman made a point of saying he’s only contracted to write 36 Avengers issues per year (24 of regular Avengers and 12 of New Avengers).

      The price drop? I seem to recall something similar, but it may have been a case of a promo image popping up early with the wrong price listed on the trade dress.

  4. The second issue really made this title easier to understand and more enjoyable. Hoping more of the same here.

  5. Im enjoying the tone in this avengers title over the regular avengers on Hickman is writing, i think ill be sticking with this one and dropping the other

  6. This series is quality I’ve really loved the first two issues & expect more greatness in this issue, but does anyone know if this is the issue where Cap. gets kicked off the Illuminati hence his nightmare from Avengers #1?

  7. Was unsure about issue 1 but I absolutley loved issue 2. Can’t wait to read more of this story now.

  8. Issue 2 was awesome. Hickman at his best.

  9. This cover was Cap’s nightmare in Avengers #1 I believe. I don’t have that issue in front of me, but I think it’s the same four folks looking down. (I just looked up before posting and see that someone already mentioned this, but I don’t care I’m still clicking….. submit!)


  11. This feels like the new Uncanny x-force, heroes crossing moral boundries for the greater good to a sci-fi background. Awesome issue 5/5.

  12. Great issue, just read it earlier today and can’t say a bad thing about it. I’m a huge fan of the Infinity Gauntlet story and this issue hits all the right cords with me. The giddy reader/fan in me hopes the three panels shown when the gauntlet is activated spell future stories, as fast as possible.

  13. Knowing Hickman (and considering the recent teaser for “Infinity”), those three panels most certainly point to future storylines…This issue was beyond fantastic. Between this explaining the dream sequence in Avengers #1 and Avengers #5 already featuring the panel “Guard fallen on a broken moon”, I’m glad Hickman isn’t making us wait too long to fill in the missing pieces…!

  14. This was MY JAM! I must know more! I want more! So many questions!

  15. This issue made me go back and read Civil War: The Confession, one of the greatest superhero issues I’ve ever read. I loved Iron Man’s role as “the villain” following Civil War and the lengths he had to go to regain the trust of someone like Thor. I’m really glad Hickman is bringing back that side of Iron Man, a hero who is willing to do more than most for the greater good, I feel like that side of him got completely swept under the rug following Siege.

  16. I never get tired of Steve Epting’s art. I wish he could draw everything.

  17. Wow, this was great. POTW for me.

  18. Incredible comic.

    Easily one of Marvel’s best.

  19. Oh, this one is a jaw dropper. Hickman picked the right moment to throw this major twist at us, I loved it, and am very excited about where this is going. Tony Stark is going to hell for what he did… does this man ever learn from his mistakes?

    Please check my mini-review here:

    Comments and feedback are always welcome!

  20. Damn, at least three major turning points in this book that I can see having major ramifications across nearly the entire Marvel lineup. This was definitely my Pick of the Week as well…

    and after seeing who replaces Professor X in this lineup (as well as the events on the last couple pages), I started wondering. If these characters for various reasons were killed off or otherwise taken off the board, who else could fill in for them? I’m a bit of an Illuminati newcomer having only really started here with New Avengers #1, but I’d love to hear who else readers think could take their places if certain members of the New Avengers were incapacitated.

    • It’s an interesting idea, but I think the only reason Beast was chosen by Xavier to “step up” is because of the Infinity Gem and the fact that someone needs to speak for the mutants. While you could make a similar case for Black Bolt (representing the needs of his Inhuman/Kree/cosmic subjects) or Namor (for Atlantis), I’m not sure anyone could replace guys like Reed Richards or Tony Stark in this group. I can’t recall if it was those guys’ idea to start the Illuminati, but they definitely feel like the ones necessary for its continued existence.

    • I think thats why I asked, because those seven feel so irreplaceable to me… I got to realizing that if Professor X could be replaced that way ( I feel really ambivalent because Beast feels like both the necessary choice, and not nearly enough), then who else could fill in..and I couldn’t think of any myself. These guys are the master strategists, scientists and influential rulers. Strange could, in theory, be replaced by the next Sorceror Supreme but I think I”d feel the same way as I do about Beast. But rather then it being a negative, I find it adds an interesting dynamic to the story…like we might be seeing the flaw appearing in a gem so to speak.

    • Yeah, I think that might be one of the points Hickman is getting at with this book — I don’t think any member of the Illuminati really wants to be there, and only a few of them truly believe that they NEED to be there, and yet there they all are anyway…

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