• The Illuminati gather to plan for the death of Everything.

• Infinity gems, old wounds, lies, agendas and universal incursions.

• “It breaks hope — it crushes what makes us decent and steals what little honor remains.” –Black Swan

Story by Jonathan Hickman
Art by Steve Epting
Cover by Jock & Simone Bianchi

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Avg Rating: 4.3
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  1. Looking forward to the expansion and clarification of what we’ve seen so far in the first issue and in interviews. Also, this cover is pretty dang cool.

  2. By subscription.

    Hoping to love it for the next few years.

  3. I’m loving both Avengers books.Uncanny Avengers has been so delayed I lost interest in the story and the comic.Hickman stole the show for me!

  4. I have no idea what happened last issue, but I feel the need to pick this up. I’ll check out this issue just to see if I can actually follow the story this time.

  5. I gotta admit that the first issue confused me a bit. The stuff with Black Panther before the reveal of the villain was great, but I had no idea what those people were trying to do. Hopefully more is explained here.

  6. love the way hickman handles t’challa

    cant wait for this issue.

    the fact this wont double ship long term saddens me some.

  7. Wait, wasn’t Avengers supposed to be bi-weekly and New Avengers supposed to be monthly?

    Why does Marvel’s Schedule not make any sense?

    • New Avengers is double shipping just for this month & then it’s one a month, Avengers #3 is out next week & I assume #4 is out the following week?! This is a five week month!

  8. Looking forward to this New Avengers / Invincible cross-over!

  9. Maybe I’ll pick this up in trade, but that first issue didn’t really make me want to read this monthly.

  10. Now im really excited for this series to take off.. Had fun with this issue

  11. Much better than the first issue and it definately makes you want to read more. Even though this is an expostion type issue it helps to build the epic scale that Hickman is after.

  12. Epting’s art was amazing in this issue. I love the way he drew Cap in his per-Marvel Now gear.

  13. Yep, loved it. What I liked about this issue is that it has the classic Hickman “THIS IS IMPORTANT AND EPIC” feel and dialogue – yet it didn’t feel vague and intentionally confusing like sometimes happens.

  14. I really liked this book, so I’m not at all trying to nitpick, but I’m not sure I quite get the “cascading end of the worlds” situation here. Even if the destruction of one world pulls all the others closer to the End of Everything, I would think the constant creation of new worlds (assuming the Marvel multiverse is infinitely expanding as a result of every choice) would be a pretty difficult force to mess with.

    I don’t know, maybe I just need a nap.

    • I think all of the earths are beginning their timeline around the same time, i doubt you’d go to an alternate earth and find it in the Mesozoic era.

    • Yeah, I get that. I guess I’m talking about branching earths, which is maybe not what Hickman has designed here.

      For example, if I go to a restaurant for lunch and choose to order a hamburger, that choice creates other alternate worlds where I chose to have a chicken sandwich, or a salad, or to skip lunch entirely.

      So large numbers of people making large numbers of choices creating an infinite amount of alternate worlds.

      I feel like that constant creation of new worlds would be a force that is robust enough to handle the destruction of a single world.

      But like I said, I’m not trying to nitpick. Hickman has a big idea here, and it’s fun to think about and attempt to wrap my tiny brain around.

  15. Ok oAre many people not familiar with marvel/bendis’ illumaniti? Seems like a lot of reviews or comments on other sites complain about this not being a new avengers or having new avengers book…
    Frankly id rather read about an elite group of heroes making decisions for the world anyway

  16. Great book! Wish Cap wasn’t in it. He doesn’t fit, nor would he approve. And i dont think these dark monarchs would listen to him. But the rest, wow! SO GOOD. SO EPIC!

    • Hickman has said that the fact that they don’t like each other, and won’t necessarily listen to each other is at the heart of the drama. Cap fits well for a few reasons. 1. He’s a purely moral heart who will push back (as in this issue) against anything that he sees as evil for a greater good; a nice concept with a team of “dark monarchs” as you put. 2. Tony Stark is on the team, so its only a matter of time before old CW scars come back, especially under pressure and with Tony’s tendency to resort to tactics from #1. 3. He can potentially die, leaving a moral vacuum on the team, leading them to go all in with the questionable morality just in time for in to come back to fight his once allies (I have a feeling he’s exploring how much a team of heroes can skirt becoming a team of villains, like an anti-Thunderbolts).

  17. This issue was perfection for me, I loved everything about it. The feeling that something so much greater was coming had me excited just like the start of Hickmans run on Fantastic Four & reading the solicits for all the forthcoming issues of this series & the main Avengers as well have got me very psyched for these titles!

    My pick of the week by a mile! (sorry Saga)

  18. not really interested in the gems going non cosmic but if anybody can write it into something interesting Hickman can.

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