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The truth of the Avengers and their never-been-told-before origins have been revealed, but how will Nick Fury’s shocking past save the life of an Avenger who’s life hangs in the balance? One Avenger will be changed forever. Will they live or will they die?? And who is the new face of H.A.M.M.E.R.?!

Story by Brian Michael Bendis
Art by Mike Deodato & Howard Chaykin
Colors by Rain Beredo & Edgar Delgado
Letters by Joe Caramagna
Cover by Mike Deodato & Rain Beredo

Price: $3.99
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Avg Rating: 3.8
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  1. This book is feeling VERY slow since the Superia story started.

  2. I seriously don’t know why I still buy this book.

  3. I can’t remember, are the two stories supposed to eventually have something to do with one another?

  4. Hey Bendis, you can only almost kill Mockingbird so many times and still have us care. I Do Not Care. There are no stakes there any more. I have been enjoying the Chaykin stuff a bit more then earlier, but the whole thing is kind of a mess. I read this comic for the Cage/Wolverine/Spidey Bendis banter, which is fun and (previously anyway) not annoying with this group. Haven’t seen that in some time. I am thinking of dumping the adjective.

  5. guys, just ilegally download it. fuck ’em right

  6. @edward – That is never cool under any circumstances.  I assume it was just a joke…

  7. this arc killed the momentum of the book for me. passing on the fear itself arc, might jump back on for th .1 issue though

  8. @doomwad  what if the robot guys from Daft Punk and i were hanging out oin the top of mount rushmore and they said Natalie Portman wanted to read a the latest issue of New Avengers? is it cool than ?

  9. Someone help me out with this:

    Hawkeye isn’t dating Mockinbird anymore right? So why is he still dating her in this book while in THE Avengers he’s getting it on with Spider-Woman? 

  10. @TheNextChampion: I dropped this a while back so I could be wrong but it could be either this happened before or they are no longer dating, he just still cares a lot about her. They shouldn’t be dating if they are….

  11. @TheNextChampion  The last like 4 issues of this book have all been about the same day, the fight with Superia starts in the morning and it’s not even night time yet in the story. also the other  Avengers book is already  into Fear Itself which hasn’t even happened in this book yet, so i would say yes this book is taking place well before fear itself and the other avengers book.

    c’mon man, you’ve been ready comics for years, you knew the answer to this question. it sucks that they don’t always match up but this is hardly a new problem

  12. @edward  lol

  13. I’ll probably just skip this issue.  I think I skipped last issue too.  It depends on how much time we spend in the past, I’ve just been skipping all those pages.  Not interesting to me at all.  

    Also, not a huge Deodato fan. 

  14. So…………………..this issue was way better than the last couple of issues.

  15. @bigben2012

    Yes it was. Let’s see where this title goes next. Very curios about Bobbie

  16. Is the 1950s thing over yet?

  17. @ResurrectionFlan  Seems to be since the next issue will be a Fear Itself tie in. Hoping it’ll be better than the one in the main Avengers book.

  18. Still the best Avengers book on the stands. And goddamn do I love Deodato’s art.

  19. Was this the last part of the 50’s story? It wasn’t clear that it ended.

  20. @SamMorgan  Don’t know.  I skip all of the 50’s pages.

  21. I’m cool with the 50’s story, love the old Nick Fury stories, but absolutely can’t stand the Chaykin art.

  22. yeah, Chaykin’s heads look like everyone’s on roids…

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