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The most talked about new series of 2010 rages on! Nemesis’s tour of terror hits Washington D.C. and hits it hard. That doesn’t bode well for the citizens of the nation’s capital or the man in the house on Pennsylvania Ave. Luckily, the Chief of Police has an idea on how to stop the super-villain– but can you stop a one man hurricane of violence and mayhem? All this, thanks to the creative team that brought you CIVIL WAR – Mark Millar and Steve McNiven.

STORY: Mark Millar
PENCILS: Steve McNiven
COVER BY: Steve McNiven

Price: $2.99
iFanboy Community Pick of the Week Percentage: 0.2%
Avg Rating: 3.3
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  1. OMG two issues in the same year! Millar must need cash.

  2. @USPUNX  hahaha…I’m honestly picking this up more for the art.

  3. agreed

  4. The most talked about new series in 2010?  Wow.

  5. @ato220  Yeah that threw me as well. I’m pretty sure more people talked about Fallen Sun than they did this series. Hell people have talked about Kick-Ass more this year than Nemesis.

  6. When it comes to Millar, I consider any of his book solicit descriptions to be more tongue in cheek. 

  7. Also, am I the only one drawn to Nemesis’ package on the cover?


  8. @cromulent: yes.

     The art? i hope it’s better this issue

  9. If they would get Dexter Vines on this book I would Luke the art a whole lot more.

  10. Like… Not Luke… Stupid iPhone spelling corrector.

  11. Hey, dude, you’re late. But it’s OK, I know Millar sent you.

    stoked for the Millar – Yu creator owned, too.

    48 pages = 2.99?

  12. I enjoyed the last issue it was a story I could tell people who think comics are just for kids.

  13. @reform there are lots of adult stories floating around in the comic world.

  14. LOVED issue #1. 

    Bring it on. 

  15. TRADE! Even though it won’t came for another three years.

  16. @reform: try Kick Ass. The irony will slap them in the face.

  17. Issue 1 was fun this should be as well

  18. Oh yea, more o’ dis.

  19. The guy hijack the president…when I first read this I was hoping to like the cool new villiian but now I want to see our new cop victim ( need to reread cant rember his name) out smart and blast a cap in his azz.

  20. For the record, Millar is a on-time writer. He just tends to have late artists or bad luck (JRJR schedule).

  21. I’d forgotten about this entirely…but yeah, I’ll still check it out.

  22. in kingdomofevan’s review he said that everyone is an asshole, sounds like Wanted in which everyone is also an asshole so I can’t get behind anyone in this story, making it meaningless

  23. I removed this after seeing three poor reviews

  24. I really enjoyed this, not exactly a thinking mans comic but a good time, and 2.99

  25. Seems to be all action and no plot.  They just dropped in expository stuff at the beginning with no real rhyme or reason. 

    Reading this is like the 2nd time I watch an action movie, when I just fast-forward over all the plot except for the origin sequence and head right to the action. Don’t know if I am going to continue.

  26. I have to be honest, I’m not a big Millar fan but I don’t really see the hate this book is getting. It’s exactly what I expected (if the riddles really required more than riddle-logic to solve) from him. It wasn’t brilliant, or earth-shattering or anything, just… there. 3/5

  27. "one plus eight plus seven plus seven all adds up to the number five" if i’m not mistaken it adds up to 23

  28. @Prax-I guess I expect more from the guy who gave me Wanted, Red Son, Civil War, Ultimates, and some of my favorite parts of The Authority.  I would argue that all of those are more than just… there.  Just one man’s opinion.

  29. This was ridiculous. I loved it.

  30. I was disappointed that it’s little more than a grudge match between the two.  I’d rather he had some huge, megalomaniac scheme ot none at all.

    I gave it a three.  This is not the McNiven art I’m used to seeing and the story is entertaining if simplisitc.

  31. @MisterJ I found Red Son to be tedious and Civil War to be overblown. Ultimates is about the only Millar I care for.

  32. @prax: you’re not acting as an arbiter of good taste or style are you? because i know how you think that makes someone come off as self-important.

    Oh, it’s all opinion. right, got it

  33. @Prax-Fair enough.  This would certainly fall into the same type of material.  But taste aside, they certainly had more plot and meaning than this has shown so far.

  34. This was fun. Much Better than the first one. And Mcnivens art was better too. I just wish that there were more than four horizontal panels per page. Almost all of Millar’s books are horizontal panels and it’s starting to annoy the shit out of me.

  35. Did I miss the part where they explain the plan to draw Nemesis out involving the heart? Was he stealing it just so a kid would die or was he trying to get it to the kid or what?

  36. @Heroville: That had me scratching my head as well… But of course it’s all part of Nemesis’ Ridiculous and Illogical Master Plan, I’m sure.

    This book suffers from simultaneously putting too much in and leaving too much out. Not Millar’s best work by a very long shot.

  37. Could McNiven draw eyes any grosser.

  38. It’s pretty kickass so far. oops pun unintended

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