Born with the ability to look and sound like anyone, the shapeshifting Mystique is a former pro-mutant terrorist wanted by nearly every government in the world for alleged crimes against humanity.

She’s used her morphing powers to stand against the X-Men in their battle for mutant-human coexistence for years – but in this increasingly complicated world, Mystique begins to find the battle lines are no longer so clear. In exchange for protection from her countless enemies, Mystique reluctantly agrees to go to work for Professor Charles Xavier, telepathic leader of the X-Men.

But instead of being invited to join the team, Mystique is asked to participate in politically sensitive operations as one of Xavier’s secret agents, operatives who can’t be traced back to Xavier in the event of their capture or death.

Can this former mutant-rights terrorist, who can disguise herself as anyone on the planet, be trusted?

Collects MYSTIQUE #1-13.

Story by Brian K. Vaughn
Art by Mike Mayhew

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  1. Wow this is a pretty lengthy story! I don’t know anything about the book except that I love Mystique, and that BKV is an awesome writer.

  2. This is as great as anything BKV has ever written. Read his arc on Marvel Digital Comics Unlimited. Did not expect it to be that excellent.

  3. Perfect timing for me, I just finished rereading Y: The Last Man in the deluxe HC format last night and I crave more BKV.

  4. This sounds pretty interesting, and BKV usually comes through.  I never even knew he wrote this.  Can anyone comment on its quality?

  5. It’s incredible. Seriously underrated, and seriously brilliant. I urge everyone to buy it.

  6. Read the whole run when it was in serial, and enjoyed it.  Should be fun to read it again straight through, glad they published this.  Hopefully we’ll see some new BKV before 2012, but I doubt it….

  7. This was an awesome story when the originals came out. 34% off on Amazon. I never cared about Mystique, until i read this run. Totally under the radar, cannot recommend this book more. Highly, highly worth ur time and money.

  8. I remember reading this along with Runaways. He was on fire during this time.

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