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It’s the Glories’ first day of school, and they’ve already landed themselves in detention! Now, anywhere else that might just mean the start of a bad year, but they’re about to find out when you’re enrolled at Morning Glory Academy, corporal punishment takes on a whole new – and deadly – meaning!

The most hotly anticipated new series of the summer continues! It’s RUNAWAYS meets LOST from the writer of FORGETLESS and SHUDDERTOWN!


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Avg Rating: 4.3
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  1. Most anticipated book this week!

  2. Maybe I’ll go find the first issue this week.

  3. Am I a bad person to switch to trades on this? Don’t hate me.

  4. @s1lentslayer

    Before the second issue is even out? 

  5. It prevents me from having to buy the collected format later. I’m cheap that way.

  6. I don’t want to spread around a ton of negativity, so I’ll try to keep this short. I thought the first issue was really underwhelming. Characterization felt flat, and I had zero desire to grab the next issue. The art felt really clean, sterile, and not exciting in the least. I’ll probably check out the first trade, but this book went from extremely anticipated to boring in a very short amount of time. 

    That said, it’s really cool that so many people are digging this book. Not my bag, but I’m glad some people are digging an indie comic. Cool stuff. 

    @s1lentslayer: You’re not bad at all.

  7. @Rusty…:  I feel some of your pain.  #1 had a lot of set up w/ tons of questions.  I don’t know what this is yet.  Hopefully this issue will help me out.

  8. @PozrDu:  I think the purpose was to have a ton of questions.  I’m with that.  

    @Rusty…:  I think there are alot of fun elements here that are probably going to play out in the first several issues.  Characterization was good considering the limited amount of space to set the stage. What drew me to this remains to be a hodge podge group of characters around a mysterious set.  There’s plenty more to learn and the only way to support Indie books is by buying them, so I’m glad to see you’re still picking it up. 🙂

  9. I hope I can FINALLY snag a copy of this and the 3rd printing of issue one! I went to Midtown and every time I went sold out! I really want to read this. If I miss out again, I’m sorry I am going to have to go to trades.

  10. Issue one delivered on the promise of something new and intriguing. Let’s see if issue #2 can move us forward. It gets a lot trickier when you have to slowly (but not too slowly) explain all the mysteries you laid out at the start. And the characters have to be filled out more and more, of course. The thrill of the unknown will fade fast, but if we like the characters they will have us.

  11. Ugh. I hate it when people compare things to Lost! Makes it sound really lazy to even try and compare to it.

  12. To each his own.  Spencer knows how to warp and weft a complicated tapestry.  Even so, I can’t expect him to have fully developed 12 different characters in the first issue.  The action moved along from the start and we were left with a lot of burning questions as well as a cliff hanger.  It’s "The breakfast club" meets "The people under the stairs."  @Rusty, if this seems ho-hum, then perhaps I should read what you’re reading.  What drew me in is the oversexed teacher.  I’m hot for teacher!

  13. I’m wondering how the main girl will will react to her dead parents. I think that twist was too soon, and there is no way she wont already be trying to escape, how will the writer keep her here besides the school just stopping her each issue?

  14. @misterckent: Yeah, I ordered the first few issues on DCBS. I’ll definitely read the issues I bought, but unless they really wow me, I’ll probably end up trade waiting this.

    @skydog: I think part of the problem for me is that the book seems to be going for that mysterious, ‘What the hell’s happening?’ kind of vibe, which is certainly where the Lost references come in. For my money, The Unwritten is doing a story in that vein and is doing it much better than Morning Glories. I guess that should be expected, because Carey and Gross have been around for a while, and Spencer’s much more of an up and comer. I bet if I wasn’t reading Unwritten I’d probably be all over this.

    I really hate negativity, and I promised myself I’d never become one of those people, so I think I’ll stop here. I really hope you guys enjoy the ride, and if I continue to hear praise thrown at this book, I won’t think twice about buying the first trade.

  15. @s1lentslayer another trade waiter here 🙂 Although I live outside the US so single issues are much more expensive here :

    @Suicidalkangarooz seriallized comics really only get 1 or 2 issues to hook their readers. Consider what happened with Sweet Tooth, I gave up on it after the 2nd issue cos it was a touch slow but aparently it became amazingly good in the 4th issue. I can guarentee Im not the only people do acted similarly. The writer has to balance the pros and cons of letting a twist build up vs. giving the reader something to sink their teeth into, and I cant really fault Spensor for spilling the beans in the first issue.

  16. @Rusty, agreed.  I’m also reading the unwritten and it is the gold standard for this mysterious genre, per se.  I gaurantee Morning Glories will toe the line. I give Spencer credit since his story seems to be uncharted ground.  Carey, besides being more experienced, also has the advantage of riding the coat tails of Harry Potter, which was one major criticisim that the potentates pointed out initially, which I ignored, justifiably. 

  17. Question: were the main parents dead or were they just tortured?

  18. I say dead.

  19. UGH, of the three stores I went to, none of them had this and two didnt even know what the series was.

  20. Alright, so where’s a good online place to buy current comics. I tried Mile high, midtown comics, things from another world, comic supply. None of them have it.

  21. @xrcst: I bought my copy from today for cover price +$1.50 in shipping.  If all else fails, it will pop up on ebay.

  22. UGH looks like Im switching to trade on this. Its already going for 10 + dollars on ebay.

  23. Can someone who actually got their hands on this issue tell me if it has any adds in it??

  24. My store sucks…

  25. This was awesome! Pick of the Week for sure despite a strong showing from Astonishing Spiderman and wolverine. The story was good the art was great and the faculty is creepy as hell. 

  26. Can’t wait to read this. The closest store to me was out but one of their other stores had a copy so I should be getting it in next week. I’m pumped.

  27. @MegaPhilip: All the ads are in the back.  Story was awesome, art was fair.  It definitely keeps you guessing.

  28. Damaged boxes of the book mean no #2 for me in the uk. Image are reprinting to cope with demand but I shall have to wait.

  29. This was pretty good, I read #1 and #2 together on the same day, and I’m glad I did. I’ll certainly stick with it. However, I can’t shake that I’ve seen this before in various other media. There’s similarities to the Prisoner, Foucault, a little bit of mid-run GenX… and man, some of the dialogue is a little… cliche. But it’s worth checking out. LOST Comparisons seems superficial at this point, and more or less based on a Carlton Cuse name check and a character being name Jun. If that’s the logic going in, we might as well say it’s based on GTA IV and Morrison’s Invisibles because they were name checked as well. Still, a good title. Fun, interesting and on it’s own. 4/5 

  30. I knew nothing about this book when I decided to buy #1-2, but decided kinda reluctantly to give it a go. I thought it was going to be another teen angst book romance book. Boy was I wrong. THIS BOOK IS AWESOME!

  31. The only two stores in my area were sold out first day. So annoyed. Have to wait for the second printing now 🙁

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