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  1. I like the idea of Marc Spector, sans Khonshu, teaming up with Frank Castle in Mexico. There gonna sbe ome asses getting kicked for sure!

  2. It’s a brand new direction for Moon Knight as a character, and I’m curious to see what we’ll get.  I think that since the relaunch they’ve taken him as low as he can go, to the point where I found the book too heavy and the character too disfunctional to enjoy reading it.  Now it’s up to Mike Benson to begin to build him up again and to let the reader know why we should care to follow along for the ongoing journey.  I’m looking forward to seeing where he’ll take us.

  3. Read the 1st arc & then ran for the hills. Nothing unique, nothing kept me interested. Then i saw the solicits for this issue & saw art by Jefte Palo. Loved his art on Black Panther:S.I. I’ll def. give this arc a try. Does any1 know any other books that Palo has been artist on?????

  4. This issue wasn’t great, but it was a set-up issue, so I can deal. Hope this arc turns out good.


  5. I loved this. Benson works really well with this new artist. I love this no-nonsense style of writing. Very reliable and consistent.

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