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I told myself that I would stop reading Moon Knight after last month’s
issue, where Marc Spector was finally(?) laid to rest. Not out of being
dissatisfied with the series, but quite the opposite: The three volumes
between Benson and Huston were packed with enough action and character
(re)development that made me not craving anymore. The return and rise
and fall and second return of Moon Knight had all come full circle, and
I felt no need to continue following the book.

However, with the “death” of Marc Spector – and revitalization of MK’s
other alter-ego, Jake Lockley – comes a whole new life and direction
for Looney Mooney.

You wouldn’t have guessed it either, since the issue starts with Marc – sorry, Jake
all belligerent and bruised and brooding and banged up. Business as
usual, it seems. The only difference being that instead of his
voluptuous ex or French friend or profound hobo trying to consult him,
we have some Mexican guy instead. (You know he’s Mexican because he
says “amigo.”)

What is immediately different about all this, though, is the art. Not
only are the colors much brighter and simpler – admittedly hard to
prove this in these first few unlit pages –  but this is a whole
different style from any of the other three arcs of this volume. And
with the exception of everyone having their eyes closed for most of the
issue, I like it. It’s like Palo is channeling Foreman’s style on
Immortal Iron Fist but filtering out all the extra (i.e. pointless)
lines and grit. Lee Loughridge’s coloring is also of note here, since
he is in fact why these pages look like they do. I never thought I’d
see art like this in a Moon Knight book, but when you’re in a land
known for it’s bright and bold colors, do as the Mexicans do.

Apparently Mexicans don’t do much, though. (Before you say anything:
fuck you, I’m a Southern California resident, I know the truth is quite
the opposite, so fuck you.) Despite setting up this new arc well
enough, the general pacing is notably slow. I understand Benson now has
to balance laying out a new environment as well as a new story, but
when a guy like me is more excited about what the art of the next issue
will look like instead of the continuation of the story, you have a
problem. It doesn’t help that the cover lies to you; The Punisher –
whose whole appearance seems awfully tacked on – only appears once in
the whole issue (guess where?) , and that’s even more than how much
Moon Knight you see.

Mr. Lockely seems almost upbeat in Mexico, – which would begin to start
to explain how the hell we was written and placed in that Las Vegas
issue of Rulk – almost as much as the art itself. If Benson wants me to
continue reading this, however, he’ll need to pick up the pace and stop
me from taking a siesta.

Story: 3 - Good
Art: 4 - Very Good

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