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  1. I swear I’m only getting this because of Doom!

     And Mark Bagley.

  2. I am pretty much addicted to Bendis writing.

  3. I’m addicted to all things avengers lately.

  4. Bendis yay, Bagley meh.  He’s fast yes, and you can tell why, but it’s good to have someone putting this book out regularly.

  5. Doom is the only reason for this one.

    hurry up with the secret invasion stuff geez 

  6. i am so glad this book is getting on schedule.  it’s addicting and i want more!  pretty much anyone could be a skrull…

    even batman. 


  7. I’m with ohcaroline. Dr. Doom is the first Mighty Avengers point of interest, for me.

  8. It probably isn’t even Doom.

  9. So psyched to have this book back on schedule – getting a twice-monthy Bendis/Avengers fix makes me happy.  It doesn’t even bother me that it’s behind New Avengers in timeline-continuity because it’s fillng in some good backstory that we didn’t get before… And thought baloons kick ass!

  10. Is it too early to nomiate this for cover of the year?  Doom looks great.  He’s the most terrifying skirt-wearing guy I know 😉

  11. Who needs an excuse to buy this book? Mighty Avengers is, if you’ll pardon my use of the internet vernacular, "teh awesome."

    ‘Nuff said.


  12. Great cover now let’s hope this book is great also.

  13. I just hope this book picks up some speed.  The stuff with Ultron was REALLY slow.  Doom is good stuff though, so I have high hopes

  14. hopefully this will be good been wanting a good doom story for ages

  15. My best guess for the plot of this book, Doom was set up as the fall guy for the Symbiote bomb…by Skrulls!!! They’re keeping the heroes distracted or some such.  

  16. Why is this and other Avenger books so popular?  It seems like a bunch of "B" level characters?  I don’t recognize anyone but Dr. Doom on the cover.

  17. Characters are alphabetically what you make of them, s1lentslayer.

  18. @s1lentslayer – If you don’t recognize Spider-Woman and Wonderman you must be relatively new to comics.

  19. I am. I just found it weird that a bunch of people I’ve never heard of are so popular. That seems the opposite of other industries like music and movies. I guess that means the superman/batmans of the world must be crap.

     I tried the New Avengers book last week but I didn’t know who anyone was except for Wolverine so I was lost and didn’t really like it. Do I spend money on this Avengers book or will I be just as lost?

  20. I recently dropped almost all of Marvel’s titles except FF, Captain America, New Warriors and a couple of minis.  I hated how Civil War ended, I wasn’t interested in World War Hulk because I hate the Hulk, and I couldn’t care less who’s a Skrull and who isn’t.  Civil War had me reading almost every title, but the suckiness of Lionel Yu’s art in New Avengers made me drop it (that was my favorite title), Ms. Marvel was dropped during the Puppetmaster storyline, when Punisher War Journal crossed with WW Hulk it was dropped, Black Panther went when they did a Zombies story.  I hate where the Marvel universe is going.

    Keeping that in mind, is there anything else in the Marvel Universe I should absolutely be reading. I’ll probably pick up "Brand New Day" in trade form.

  21. @s1lentslayer – if your pretty new and this would be your first Mighty Avengers book then you probably will be lost. This one is what 3 of 6 I think or at least the 3rd issue in this arc. You could always go back and get 7 and 8 and get caught up with the current story and I think there is a trade of the first 6 coming out which would give you background on the current team. (Iron Man, Ms Marvel, Sentry, Aries, Wonderman, Black Widow, Spider-woman and Wasp)

    That being said I am looking forward to some Doom ass-kicking in this issue.

  22. Now we are going back in time–this book needs to catch up already.

  23. Erm, just because Spider-Woman and Wonderman are "recognizable" doesn’t mean they aren’t B-list. They’re definitely B-list (not that there’s anything wrong with that).

     I took a few years off from comics and when I returned (in ’06) I too found it a little odd that the Avengers had become the premier line of super-hero comics. Think about it: the Avengers aren’t as iconic or well-known as the JLA, nor have they had nearly as many recent cartoons or movies as the X-Men have had.

    That the Yu-penciled New Avengers was usually the best-selling regular series really confused me, especially since everyone seems to be, at best, very ambivalent about his art.

    But it confuses me too that there’s actually a buzz about this Skull thing. I’m baffled as to how Marvel can just drop a few vague hints about this, produce one Skull like 9 months ago, shuffle story-scheduling so much, through in symbiotes, Ultron, and now I guess Doom–and yet comicdom is still clamoring about this Skrull invasion thing. This is an event about a type of character that has NEVER been interesting, and all it takes is one Skrull to come out 9 months ago, then NOTHING, and still to this day people are anticipating this event? Oookay…

    My theory on Avengers’ popularity: Bendis’ Avengers books all seem like they’re written in the mold of tv shows, and people eat that up. Seriously, last week’s New Avengers read like one five-minute break-up scene from a tv drama, and then one short comedic scene at the end where "the gang doesn’t like their new apartment". You may as well have replaced the New Avengers with the cast of Friends or Seinfeld–because it’s not like these "superheroes" used their powers at all–and we’re supposed to be interested in them complaining about their new apartment?

    *gets off soapbox* Maybe I’m just bitter because I liked it when Uncanny X-Men outsold everything no matter what, even though it was horrible. I found that comforting 🙂

    I loved Bendis’s stuff on Daredevil, though.

  24. I heard on the PipeLine Podcast that this was a quick read.  Which I assume means light on the dialogue, heavy on the splash pages.

  25. "I heard on the PipeLine Podcast that this was a quick read.  Which I assume means light on the dialogue, heavy on the splash pages." 
    Very much so. Three double paged splashes simultaneously. Detail Overload. 
  26. 6 splash pages in a row. Sigh.

    No story…what is going on with Bendis these days? Is this all filler until "Skrull Event"? 

  27. Back around issue 150 of iron man, this same thing basically happened. Iron man and Doom went back to Camelot, and it was kind of fun. I read that years ago, and i dont think im ready for another wacky doom and iron-man in time arc.

  28. Flapjax.. there’s been way more than one Skrull revealed already.

     I guess you didnt read the Avengers: Illuminati mini-series, where Iron Man brings the Skrull body to the other Illuminati members.. and turns out Black Bolt is one himself.

     The Initiative Annual also revealed that many of the state teams have Skrull moles on them. Not to mention whats going on in Captain Marvel and Ms. Marvel at the moment.

    People are excited because it’s Bendis, because New Avengers is Marvel’s premiere book these days, and because they have been dropping hints about the event since way back in New Avengers #1.


    As for the actual issue – I love Bagely, but he’s the wrong fit for this book. It’s clear they picked him so he could catch up to the schedule, but I can’t wait for Koi Pham to take over.

  29. Never been big on Doom, but I’m diggin’ this arc.  Didn’t mind the splashes at all.  Bagley’s just that good.

  30. @Balefuego – What IS going on in Ms. Marvel? I couldn’t stand that book or the character. I knew some Skrull stuff was going on over there but I haven’t heard specifics?

  31. Well at the end of issue #24, Tony Stark calls in one of the members of Carol’s SHIELD team and informs him that they have been infiltrated by a Skrull… and that Skrull is Carol Danvers.

    Brian Reed has also said in interviews that there is not only a Skrull hiding in the cast of the book but also a Kree.

    I don’t know when it was that you tried the book – if it was the story with the dimension hopping wizard guy then I don’t blame you but really that arc is not a good indicator of the quality of the book.

  32. I’m not a fan of Bagley’s art on this book. I loved it in Ult Spidey but this issue and the last bugged me. That having been said I think the last 2 pages in the past looked a lot better. Maybe that type of coloring fits better…

  33. Great art, but overall B-O-R-I-N-G.  Just didn’t feel like there was anything at stake & we’re killing time ’til the Skrull Invasion.  Tony in the ’70s doesn’t do it for me either. Is it just me, or were this issue & this week’s JLA issue interchangable – just different bad guys? 

  34. I really didn’t feel like I got my money out of this issue.  Three splash pages in a row was two too much.

  35. @Josue: I am pretty sure this arc ties into the Skrulls

  36. This book is on the up. We’re finally going somewhere. Where, I do not know. Guess we’ll find out next issue. I miss Cap..

  37. Say What you want about Bagley, He ain’t my favorite artist either but, for basically a fill-in artist, those 3 double page spreads are off the FREAKIN hook!!!!

  38. Bagley is killin it.

  39. I love me some Mark Bagley.  This issue is a biiiig step up from last issue.  Doom vs. Iron Man was hella cool.

    s1lentslayer: The Avengers team was, for about a year and a half, two years, lots of big names mixed with writer favorites, and then they broke it up into the "New" and "Mighty" teams, distributing the "A-Listers" even thinner.  Doesn’t mean the books aren’t good.  Look at JLA: all big name characters, but right now, that’s a bad book. 

  40. Bagley did very well in this issue and those splash pages of the Avengers fighting doombots — got me excited for Bags’ work with Busiek on Trinity.

  41. i love the last 2 pages. i miss the flat colors & big dots. Last weeks fantastic comics looked even better. though. i wish theyd have done the Kirby 4th world omnibus that way. i liked the paper, but wished the printing was more authentic.

  42. doom is post coital!

  43. I’m loving this run, time travel to Camelot and now they drop Doom and Ironman in the 80’s, huge splash pages with great art there’s great potential and Bendis can deleiver.  And yeah there have been slow spots previously but it’s picking up now. The New Avengers is actually my favorite team of the two but this is gearing up for a great story arc in two time deminsions.  I think people just need to enjoy it and see where it’s going.  No need to rush, don’t be like some kid on Christmas counting down days until the "skrull invasion".  The reveal is coming to but let this story run and when the curtain is lifted it might just surprise ya. 

    The struggle between Doom and Tony was great, I agree with iFanboy…loved the suit comparison.

  44. AMC Pacer…Rocky…Hair the Musical…Pan Am.  They are in the 70’s.  Most likely 1977.  We could be looking at a disco battle in the next issue.

  45.  Hey there.  Just registered with Ifanboy.  Been listening to the podcasts for a while now. 🙂 Made my way over to the site finally.  

     Definitely into the Mighty & New Avengers,(New a little more).  I thought this was a pretty good ish.  Stoked to see Doom back in a book, ‘specially one with characters & stories that I’m following. 

     I like Bagley, he ain’t my fav., but gets the job done. 🙂 I do miss Cho’s art, but it’s nice to have this book catching up.

    I thought the last couple pages were fun.

  46. You’re right Viktorr…it’s the 70’s  EVEN BETTER.  I didn’t notice "Hair" and wasn’t sure about the timing on Pan Am.  This could afford a few chuckles.

    Cya,  slysally

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