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  1. If I believe the solicit then this issue sounds like a continuity nightmare. Right now, the DA are battling Molecule Man. Herc and Spidey are battling Olympus. Thor is Iron Man’s doctor and battling Dr. Doom. And, of course,  Seige is ramping up. And God knows how the NA fit into it all, but rest assured someone will show up in the pages of NA that directly contradicts one of these issues. I am so glad I am not a Marvel editor.

    On the other hand, the solicit might be fibbing. It’s been known to happen.


  2. continuity isn’t that hard.  when does this occur? after all of that. or between.  or before.  it doesn’t matter.

  3. Birdman is absolutely right.

  4. It’s funny I see Hercules on this cover; cause he’s already faced the Dark Avengers.

    Maybe he has a few ideas on how to beat them down. Cause he (and the other Greek Gods mind you) beat the living shit out of them in Incredible Hercules.

  5. oh! so I’m watching some of the old iFanboy video shows.. Peter David already explained all of this.  days in the Marvel Universe are 47 hours long.  we all need to keep this in mind when we bitch about continuity.

  6. Who cares?  This is a pretty fun book.  It would be even better if Pham could draw a background once in a while.

  7. The exchange between Norman and Hank was priceless. I love that this book continues to get *better*.


  8. "I call dibs on killing the girl."

    I really hope Slott factors into the equation when the Avengers books are revamped post-Siege. 

  9. This is far and away the best Avengers book. Will all three books exist post-Siege?

  10. Spoiler..


    Wow… you would think that Marvel would be running out of omnipotence, because you first have the molecule man with beyonder-like powers, he was easily beaten by the sentry who discovered that he too can control molecules… now you have the absorbing man with the power of a cosmic cube.

    I think the sentry say something like "he can do anything" after seeing the ‘cosmic’ absorbing man.

    Why would that matter?  Did anybody remind sentry that he can also do anything, and just blow absorbing man away like he did with molecule man.

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