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  1. I wasn’t as enthused as you, but I love how Slott writes U.S. Agent to be the ultimate jerk of the Avengers.

    I think that the pic of Wolverine was one of the pics of all of the Avengers, past and present, strewn throughout the mega-mansion.

  2. I agree – I thought this book was great, and I am really enjoying Mighty Avengers.

    And don’t give up on Smite! 

  3. If I had written a review it would have sounded just like this.  After the end of the last arc, I was about ready to call it quits.  This book has been warping around quite a bit since its inception but I feel like we are starting to have a strong purpose for it past the Tony Stark Avengers and then the weird wrap up of Secret Invasion.

    I loved the ideas in the last arc and it started off great, but like many things that continue too long, it wore out its welcome and fizzled at the end.  This issue was fresh and invigorating.

     About the "Smite," I say keep it up.  I do improv from time to time and dropped in "Verily" on the stage, no one noticed 😛

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