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  1. this book is pure Avengery fun and goodness

  2. i wonder if this book will have both banners on it

  3. Dark War of Reign of Kings

  4. Voldermort?

  5. Dropped.

  6. Oh, how I love this book!

  7. Dropped.

  8. Stupid Koi Pham… Still the best Avengers book IMO.

  9. I should have no interest in this book, but Dan Slott writes his ass off and I dig Koi Pham.


  10. Funny that people are dropping this because it’s introducing a NEW VILLAIN for once. What other books really do that anymore? Honestly I’m overjoyed to have a "villain of the month" Avengers book.

  11. If you drop it, you’ll be sorry you missed l’il Black Bolt!

  12. I dropped it during the last arc. I have a feeling this ‘Unspoken’ may be a villain’s version of Sentry. In other words both unnecessary and rubbish…

  13. Oh I love this book. Nearly dropped it a few issues back but all of a sudden it got wicked! Who here can honestly say they didn’t like the Hank vs Reed issues? Total brilliant! Not the biggest fan of Koi Pham (and by that I mean not at all a fan) but I can still dig this book because Slott is great (loved his work since his awesome She-Hulk, stupid Peter David) and this is SuperAdventureFun at its best.

  14. Totally NOT dropped.  This just keeps getting better.

  15. I’m enjoying this more than any of the other Avengers books. To me, this somehow feels more like a classic Avengers book than the others. 

  16. @Garrett – my feelings exactly.

  17. Another great issue, with some really cool moments.

  18. i’ll keep reading it. dan slott got some funny one-liners. especially the last page. that’s funny. i’ll ask him and pham to sign it when i see them. lol.

  19. @conor you didn’t like the last arc of the battle between pym and richards?

  20. Mighty Avengers is the only Avengers book I am currently enjoying. new Avengers is a mess and Dark Avengers is just plain bad. Mighty Avengers is everything i want from an Avengers title. And this issue was great.

  21. "Alpha Flighted" is a pretty fucked up term for "completely wiped out."


  22. I don’t understand why people are dropping this book.  It’s fun superheroing.  Slott is working with an interesting team of Avengers, I think Koi does a great job at story telling through the pages.  

     Additionally, I don’t feel as mired in all the Dark Reign nonsense in this book.  It’s the Avengers vs. a bad guy – let the beat down commence.

    We all need one book that isn’t consumed by shades of grey. 

  23. This book needs an artist really badly.

  24. @Diabhol

    "Oh my God! he Alpha-Flighted them!" was the best line of the week! 

  25. I reallly don’t like this. I’ve enjoyed the past few issues well enough, but after going back through them after reading this one…I think I’m going to drop this book for the time being.


  26. This is like reading a modern book and a Silver Age Avengers book at the same time.  Well done.  and Khoi Pham is great for this book.

  27. I really want Dan Slott back doing the writing. I could just tell it wasn’t him, even if he did the plot. *pouts*

  28. ^^^ Ummmm… what?

  29. good stuff in here. better than the other avenger titles imo. also the preview for hickman’s FF looks awesome.

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