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Why does this title exist anymore?

That’s the question that goes into my mind when I see this on the website every new issue. Back when it first came out it at least had some purpose to it. (The writing is another story however) Now with this new age of the Marvel Universe and how there seems to be an Avengers team in every corner of New York City…the purpose of the ‘Mighty’ Avengers seem almost pointless now.

But that doesn’t mean I am willing to give this title a try. Thankfully this has no bearing with (Censored) as he is off doing other bad Avenger stories now. (I assume they are bad since I have banned (Censored) titles for the year) Plus this team does seem pretty interesting at first notice. First it has INCREDIBLE HERCULES and Amadeus Cho which is always a plus; then it has USAgent who is a crazy motherfu*ker, and other likable characters as in Quicksilver and Jocesta. Sure this isn’t the first issue of this new team, but considering it’s the start of a new story arc; it has to be somewhat readable right?

Well here’s the biggest problem with this title and it takes up half of the book. Apparently Dan Slott thought this was an Inhumans comic cause they take up a good chunk of the story in here. It’s a storyline to introduce this new Inhuman villain but still; might as well made this a one-shot for the Inhumans then an actual issue of Mighty Avengers. When we finally get into the portions of the Avengers there’s only one thing to say: ‘Yeah….yeah it’s meh’. Overall it’s not a bad issue by any means; hell this could be the best issue of Mighty Avengers I have ever read. (Not saying much) But overall the banter with the heroes gets tiring and Hank Pym is really becoming more annoying then Norman Osborn at this point. Even if he was replaced by a Skrull for so long he still is the most arrogant man in the Marvel Universe. Plus the whole ending with this ‘The Unknown’ wiping out a Chinese superhero team isn’t all that dramatic. I mean we don’t know these heroes that much. How do we know if these guys are that legit if we never seen them before?

Art isn’t really worth mentioning. Khoi Pham isn’t a bad artist but then again there’s nothing ground breaking about these panels. I do like how he draws Quicksilver in action and he does bring a ‘Kirby’ look to the energy circling through these characters. The faces can be pretty off model at points and lips can be ‘squishy’. Definitely the art is not the key focial point of this series.

I gave this series another try and again, it is better then what I have read before. This new team could be intriguing if there was more emphasis on them in this issue. As it is, it’s just not worth following in my eyes. But it seems to bring back readers to the ‘good ol days’ of Avenger comics. Maybe that’s the appeal for this series. As for me, not gonna work.

Story: 2 - Average
Art: 3 - Good

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