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  1. man, I want to read more stuff with No-Varr, but I really don’t want to get fooled again into getting a bad tie in. It’s not the money that bothers me, it’s the feeling stupid because I should have known not to pick up the book.

    your thoughts, sage-like iFanboy community?

  2. Same here. But i will buy it. I can’t help myself. That cover is awesome.

  3. If you are interested in No-Varr, why not base your decision on that, not the fact that it is a pseudo tie-in?  Many of theses Avengers issues have really been single issue stories that (are supposed to) have larger implications, but the stories have a self contained feeling. So if you are tempted to buy it for the character, I’d say you should go for it.

  4. If I have one excuse to buy this, it’s to look for clues (promised in the solicitation) to Slott’s upcoming run.

    Possible spoilers: it’s really looking like noh-varr is joining the Mighty Avengers.

  5. It’s cover like these that show why Kirby is the man!

  6. Didn’t Captain Marvel die in the last issue of SI? If not that’s cool since I thought the turn of his character development really opened up a lot of story possibilites for him. As far as Marvel Boy goes I’m just glad he’s getting some more good face time after being brought back more than a year ago during Civil War.

  7. @Parker:

    Yes, he did. The cover is just another homage to an old Avengers cover.

  8. @Andrew- I disagree with you completely about these tie-in books being complete stories unto themselves. Which ones exactly would you say fit that mold?  The Secret Avengers story?  The Hank Pym story? These were not complete stories, and that was completely intentional.

  9. There were several stories that contirbuted to the larger story, but there have been several issues that have been good stories on their own. The first Nick Fury story with art by Maleev can be read by anyone who’s never read a comic before and it would still be entertaining. When Fury recruits his Commandos, I could give that to someone who’s never read it before and they wouldn’t be lost or have to know all about Skrulls. The focus of all the Fury issues has been Fury and not so much the Skrulls. The focus of the Pym stories have been on Pym and his replacement, not the larger Skrull story line. In the same way, a Marvel Boy story will probably focus on Marvel boy. Plus, I said the stories were sometimes self contained, no completed. In my mind that’s a different. If you watch Lost, Heroes, The Shield of any other serialized TV show, each episode has a specific story for that hour, but there is the larger story that is being built throughout the season or series. So, I still think that many of the Avengers tie-in issues have been accessible and readable without the reference or commitment to the larger story, but they certainly are just building blocks, not complete stories.

    The point is, if you are interested in this character, who gets very little face time in comics, pick up the issue.

  10. There are so many other potentially hot comics out this week that somethings gotta give and I think it may well be Mighty Avengers.  I’m just so tired of the whole Secret Invasion thing.  I’ll be interested to see how Captain Britain & MI13 picks up post-SI.  The Marvel titles I’m enjoying the most have been the ones where SI doesn’t really feature (Amazing Spiderman, Daredevil, Captain America, Ghost Rider).

  11. Yea im so glad i quit buying the avengers books i dont care how it all ties in if they cant get a global assault across in the main story then i really dont care. Theres to many good books out there to waste my money on this because it just feeds into marvels ego saying that crossovers and tie ins are what todays comic fans want. But if u all wanna buy it more power too you

  12. I’m so tired of the whole Skrull thing.  But I keep plunking my money down, so its my own damn fault.

  13. I wanted to like Secret Invasion.  I was all ready to LOVE Secret Invasion…  I don’t like Secret Invasion.

  14. Um, I’d like Secret Invasion a lot more if it were kept itself to itself and didn’t invade so many other books!

  15. I’ve been hating the mighty/new avengers SI tie-ins across the board but i really can’t see why this one is being rated so low by the iFanboy community. I thought it was a great way of illustrating the heroism of Captain Marvel, and further exploring the character without even bringing him back from the dead. As far as these Bendis Avengers books tie-ins go, for me this one is a diamond in the rough.  However you all are entitled to your opinions and I admit I may have gone insane.

  16. @Urthona: Well at least you admit it.

  17. This felt like filler (fight filler to be exact) that did not develop the story or plot.  I have been a big fan of SI, along with the NA and MA tie-ins, but this felt phoned in.

  18. This felt like it should have belong in the secret invasion book. Its the last thoughts of Captain MARVEL and we had to wait a month to get the tie in.

  19. i hate what marvel has done to marvelboy, he was such a great character and he was just sitting around in jail for years, blah. talk about writing out of character! i wish they had just let morrison do his marvelboy sequel

  20. @winthewonderboy


    Noh-varr was in the young avengers/runaways civil war mini. plus you have to remember in marvel time he has only been in the jail, like, 8 month or something like that 

  21. @edward: still seems very out of character for him just to sit in a jail cell and not taking over the world in the name of the kree empire. was the YA/runaways mini any good, didn’t read that much civil war stuff?

  22. As comicbook stories go, this was both well written and well illustrated.  It did nothing to move the plot of Secret Invasion forward, so if you’re a person who takes more enjoyment from watching a plotline move then I suspect this was a frustrating issue, but if you’re a reader who simply enjoys a well crafted narrative that delivers an interesting character study – with touches of action and superhero cosmic flair – then this book should hit the spot.

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