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Before we were born there was a famous-ish TV show called “You Are There” which introduced viewers to historical events with a level of re-created detail that was supposed to illuminate the history for us.

In this issue we are treated to yet another episode of Brian Michael Bendis’ “Secret Invasion: AND YOU ARE THERE. More plot points we already know, but with a loving attention to detail that is beginning, and I love Bendis,  to simply be self-indulgent.

This is the oddest event I have ever read.  There’s just been no ‘there’ there for months. If there hadn’t been a Secret Invasion #1 and Captain Britian, well, nothing would have happened at all.

Move along, nothing to see here.

Story: 2 - Average
Art: 3 - Good


  1. I agree.  I quit buying these Avengers SI tie-ins.  I don’t need to know this backstory stuff.  I’d rather read about Ares fighting naked female Ultron in a book that comes out every three months.  Seriously.

  2. I did award an extra star for the Power Pack Skrull, and I stand by that.

  3. Before "we were born" does not apply to everyone. I watched "YOU ARE THERE" every Saturday. There still are those in our forties that are Fan Boys for life. By the way I agree with your review.  

  4. How can you not love a Powerpack Skrull! And I hear ya Indy!

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