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  1. Cover looks sweet

  2. what…was this issue about really?

  3. Not Captain Marvel I can tell you that much.  I think they screwed up the promotion because this was about Skrull-Pym. 

  4. I finally realized that reading this and the new avengers is like reading a bunch of 1-shots.  

  5. This issue was the weakest by far… this was a little corner of Secret Invasion that served little purpose by being told, I must say. The art was a mess, as well, but the story was below noteworthy. I’d rather it cleaved to the promotional copy — that actually sounds interesting.

  6. I like secret invasion but god damn i want it to be over so i can have my avengers stories again.

  7. I really liked this a lot, actually. I like the idea that they’re going through so many Hank Pym skrulls. Plus I thought the action was really intense and well done. Action scenes work so much better when you really have no idea whether a characters going to live or die.

  8. I hate to say it again but i feel like marvel is destroying Khoi and Tan’s great artwork with inker Danny Miki and the colorists even. Look at Khoi’s amazing work in The Incredible Herc and look at this issue and the difference is huge. its sad.

  9. This issue was a perfect example of why I am dropping the Avengers books until after SI.

  10. If Pym was a Skrull during the last Avengers fight with Ultron, then how did he figure out a Commodore 64 was gonna help beat Ultron? Would ANY Skrull know what a Commodore 64 is? Whoops!

  11. @RipperSix: The process, if you’ve been paying attention, allows the skrull to access a sort of "what would pym think" feature thanks to their shared brain.

  12. @NealAppeal, you are not alone.  I thought it was really cool that this issue showed that some of the Skrulls are falling victim to in-fighting and dissent amongst the ranks.  And you are dead-on about the action!

  13. @NealAppeal and ActualButt

    I’m with you, I enjoyed this issue alot, (my POW actually) I was surprised by all the hate on the most recent podcast.


    Good stuff.

  14. I haven’t had a chance to read the rest of the posts, but the cover was awesome when I finally figured out what it was a reference to.

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