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  1. I thought that Khoi Pham was the new artist on this book.  The online previews show JRJR as the artist.

  2. I’ve been waiting for this backstory.  Looking forward to this book.

  3. Loved the all the issues so far, except maybe how fast the symbiote-virus was resolved.   I think that could have been far more interesting if given more time and scope.

  4. Looking Forward to this.  All of the Tie Ins in the last two months have been really good.

  5. Anything with Bendis and JR JR is the top of my list for sure.

  6. i’m fairly certain that’s a mistake, koi pham is penciling this issue

  7. Mighty Avengers hasn’t had a steady artist since SI started, I wouldn’t be at all surprised if it wasn’t Khoi Pham this ish.  I hope it is JRJR and that’s not a mistake.

  8. The preview pages of this look awesome. The JRJR art is GREAT and I love how bendis writes the fights between Hank and Janet.

  9. This issue’s art is definitely by John Romita Jr.

  10. I think this was the weakest of the three avengers books this week

  11. Dude, this and NA were amazing.  I am so psyched about every bit of this!

  12. more please.

  13. Sorry, all this back story is boring the crap outta me

  14. I was liking this book fine, until it got to the bit where Pym’s gals started asking all the questions. All the super specific questions. All the questions that Hank Pym really shouldn’t have answered. That was when I started to grin. And the fact that that lady-skrull later had to become Pym was great. Between this and SI: FF, they’ve done a good job of making skrulls that aren’t generic and that you can actually sympathize with. I really liked this. What the hell is it with this week? Nearly everything I read totally kicked ass.

  15. WHATEVER HAPPENED TO—–the end of this book? The story just…stopped! I thought there were pages missing.

  16. I liked this issue a lot, although I was a little dissapointed that Hank Pym wasn’t swapped with a Skrull earlier than he was shown in this story… I like the character of Hank Pym and I thought this would be a way to explain some of his earlier poor conduct.

  17. I thought that Janet was supposed to be asian, am I wrong?

  18. I love SI and the tie-ins, for my money, have been perfect and expanding the backstory going back past NA #1.   

  19. The back story stuff is intersting.  I think the Mighty Avengers was stronger than New Avengers this week.

    I’m curious — WHERE are the people they’re replacing?  Seems Skrully to just kill them right?  Jessica Drew .. dead?  Pym?

  20. @Nate Janet is oriental in the Ultimates

  21. done with Secret Invasion– so bored with it–picked this up because I like Hank Pym, but it didn’t do anything for me or moving the story along. 

  22. Like it, thought I felt story wasn’t going deep enough and I feel there is more missing.

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