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  1. So whatever happened to Nick Fury’s last group of Howling Commandos? The ones made up of monsters?  Have they just been forgotten or did something actually happen to them?

  2. They were awful and should be forgotten, so they have been.

  3. It’s fascinating that there are at least 80 people who aren’t pulling this book but are pulling SECRET INVASION even though it’s directly tied in and is being written by the same guy.

  4. I liked the last issue of Mighty.  Curious to know who all will be the new group of "commandos".  You know after the invasion is over, they will do a new ongoing for Nick Fury and his Howling Commandos.

  5. @Conor: I’m with you.  I know not everyone reads Mighty/New, but I consider these to be as close to mandatory SI tie-ins as there gets.  Bendis has mentioned the same in several interviews…

  6. PymSlap (@alaska_nebraska) says:

    @Conor: I think some people will skip this issue because Ron said Mighty Avengers #12 sucked. 

  7. @Conor. i thought that the 12 issue of MA kinda sucked. Im hopeing this one will be better. I get MA and NA cuz they are tie-ins to the MAIN storyline as featured in last weeks NA

  8. I’ve become that cheap ass guy that will read this in the store.  I don’t have enough money to buy the tie-ins.  And from what I’ve read in the store, they haven’t really been worth it all that much.

  9. I am an Avengers subscriber, so I got this yesterday. It is the direct follow-up to the Nick Fury MA story from last week’s Mighty Avengers. And while I don’t want to write a full review, it’s simply not as good. It’s the classic story in which a leader rounds up a team. And it was a bit boring, the art was worse, and it lacked any reveals of substance.

     @Conor – I don’t get it either, but some people read crossovers only with the crossover title and not the tied-in titles. In my mind, that makes no sense, since it turns crossovers into limited run series. On the other hand, it would have been perfectly reasonable to read Annihilation without half of the tie-in books (I did). And Marvel’s never going to identify the "core" tie-ins – people will just skip the fluff tie-ins.

  10. I’m getting MA 13 at my shop today, but I’m not receiving Secret Invasion 2 until the end of the month.  You guys think I should  wait on reading this one?

  11. No need to wait.  There is nothing in MA 13 that will spoil anything in SI 2.  Good luck avoiding other spoilers though… especially if you are reading this site.

  12. By the way… anyone else a little disturbed by the depiction of Layla Miller?  Isn’t she supposed to be like 12?  Kind of a strange outfit to be hanging out in, even if she is gonna marry Madrox one day.  Either way, it was nice to see her both this issue and the X-factor one-shot.

  13. Ahh well couldnt get it today because ther was a shipping era at my comic shop so maybe ill go back tomorrow but ill most likely wait to next week….unless it was very good so was it?

  14. It was pretty boring but it introduces Fury’s new team.  A necessary evil

  15. @DocHess – I’ve always seen her as 14/15 and it’s clearly late at night. That’s probably sleep attire.

  16. I didnt like this as much as the previous issue.. but I absolutley loved the previous issue unlike Connor and Ron.

  17. Pretty dull. Not sure we really needed an entire issue to introduce the team, especially since it was the same conversation over and over again.

  18. I actually enjoyed it more than i thought i would. I love how Fury has been prepared for this invasion months maybe even years ahead of the everyone else. The NA and MA are running around the jungle like chickens with their heads cut off, while Fury has been laying in wait. I was worried that this team was going to be kinda lame, but i like the idea Bendis is rolling with here, and it is way better than the orignal Howling Commandos. You see with Bendis I know that although this issue was mainly dialogue and displays of powers, this issue will pay off in the end. Bendis has vision he has his eye on the big picture….

  19. I was really un-impressed with this book.  The issue of New Avengers was so much better, this just felt … flat!

  20. I am guessing that this issue isn’t satisfying for many because of the title on the cover.  Had this book been a tie-in labelled "Nicy Fury and the Howling Commandoes" or something, the issue would be better received.  I love the concept of the Commandoes and Nick Fury is such a great character so I personally loved this one. 

  21. This was a little slow for my liking, but it showed some promise none the less. I like the idea of Ares son being Phobos and being on the team. He seems like he could be a good character. But I was a little weirded out by seeing a what looked like hackers era Angelina Jolie in this comic.

  22. I pick up SI and New Avengers, but I’m reading MA in Hardcover.  Its hard, but I’m sticking to my guns.

  23. the only reason you NEED to read this before SI wraps up is so that, when fury and his commandos inevitably show up to save the day/turn the tide/etc. you’ll know more about the team members. that said, this was a great issue. i loved the ultimate nick fury joke in the beginning. i also like how this issue and last issue demonstrate some of fury’s shortcomings and vulnerabilities.

  24. When did Mighty Avengers become the Nick Fury solo book? Two months in a row and the Mighty Avengers are not actually in Mighty Avengers. During Secret Invasion, is every book Bendis writes just going to be "generic Secret Invasion story title" and fans of the characters the book is SUPPOSED to be about just get the shaft?

  25. To be fair, I think it would be pretty difficult to put out an issue actually containing the mighty avengers considering they’re currently tied into SI and in the middle of a fight elsewhere. An issue with them actually in it would therefore have to be non-SI related and then we’d get complaints that it was really irrelevant.

    I personally really enjoyed this, found the new chracters to be surprisingly interesting (especially the shadowy guy at the end).


  26. Keep bringing it Bendis!  The more Nick Fury the better.

  27. Len Wein and Dave Cockrum introduced us to the New X-Men in half the pages used here to introduce a cast of characters that I bet will mostly be forgotten (or dead) within six months.  Although I enjoyed the idea of this story, and the team has some promise, the story was simply too slow and offered nothing to move the plot of Secret Invasion forward for me to not feel annoyed.  I probably would have enjoyed this issue more if New Avengers or SI#2 had done anything to advance the Secret Invasion event, but instead I only saw this as the third strike.  It’ll probably be more interesting when it’s collected.

  28. Didn’t mind the artwork … Liked the way fury disguised himself as ultimate nick fury … but i don’t think much of the junior characters he recruited … give it one more go maybe..

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