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  1. Gah!

    I just sh!t my pants.

  2. Will Alpha One attempt to explain his actions or will he keep Cole twisting in the wind?  What other unknown terrors remain to be revealed in the lair of Alpha One?  Will Cole die of a heart attack (or possibly complications arising from the free tonsillectomy Alpha One game him last issue) before he learns the truth?

    I wait with bated breath for the answers to these and many other questions.

  3. I couldn’t wait for the trade to come out so I hunted all the issues so far and glad I did.

  4. Too bad this is ending with #12, but it’s gonna make one helluva mini

  5. I’m having a feeling that the ending is going to be a downer.

  6. mmm,  hexagons.

  7. Have we received any official statement about when this ends?

    @skeets – Where did you hear that it ends with #12? 

  8. @stuchlach

    I think before it was just a rumor, because I couldn’t find anything confirming it.  But now the solicit for January’s issue (#12) says "The epic tale of The Mighty concludes here!"

  9. @Slockhart – Shit. I wonder if they will collect all 12 issues in one trade?  I’d love to give this to my brother.

  10. @everyone: Dan Didio said in an interview (newsarama) that the final issue will be 12. Plus there are no plans to come back to this character/universe when it’s done.

    Sorry to be the bearer of bad news.

  11. @stuclach

    The first trade is solicited for December 23, at $17.99 and will contain issues 1-6.  Kind of steep, but we all know how easy it is to find cheap trades.  The second trade isn’t listed on the DC site yet. 

  12. @Slackhart – Thanks for all the knowledge.  It is much appreciated.

  13. I sure hope that they shine a little light on Alpha One’s true actual motives this time.

  14. @robbydzwonar – I can’t decide if I want to know why he is the way he is or if I prefer to keep it a mystery.  Sometimes the monster is scarier if you never see it.

  15. @stuclach:  I want to know what his motives are, I just hope they aren’t cliche.


    @JesTr – Having just seen his motives, I really wish they had kept them a mystery.  I don’t know what I wanted his motivation to be, but this isn’t it.  He is essentially a superpowered Hitler.  For some reason that isn’t working for me. 

    That said, I am interested in seeing how Cole deals with this from the inside.  He doesn’t appear to be much of a match for Alpha One physically, so he’s going to have to out think him. 

  17. Man that Alpha One is a creepy bastard

  18. Yeah, I felt that this reveal weakened Alpha One. Granted the reveal was done through back-o-de-flash-o exposition which didn’t turn my crank. But still, it seemed to be too "logical" and expected. 

    I dunno… still very good!

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