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  1. This might be the last Marvel Zombies book I buy. This particular series has been a blast, much like the three before it, but the stuff coming up…

     I mean, a Zombies/Apes crossover? A series of one-shots instead of a direct sequel? What is Marvel thinking with this?

  2. This is my last Marvel Zombies book as well. If Fred Van Lente ain’t writing it, I ain’t reading it.

  3. totally agree with j4k3 and scorp…..this series has lost its edge with me… unless Robert Kirkman and Sean Phillips come back with a follow up,,,Im done with marvel zombies for now?

  4. This series has been the best. I’d hoped it would have gotten more popularity so there could be a midnight sons series.

  5. Phillips? Van Lente took the brand and made it worth reading!

  6. Who’s the character on the cover? Is she supposed to be that happy or is this some Land-tasticness?

  7. it was a good ride, but i dont know if ill get the next zombie book.  guess ill see how i feel at the time.

  8. Marvel Zombies 3 & 4 were leagues above 1 & 2.

  9. @thegreatone: I liked 1 and 3 best?

    Each Greg Land cover is taken from a horror movie.  What was this one from?

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