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  1. These Anniversary specials have been really, really good. I would advise anyone to try and give this a shot. As the Namor and Human Torch comics were top of the line.

    If anyone doesnt know the creative team:

    Tom Defalco was Editor in Chief for Marvel from 1987-1994 and help co-wrote one of the most controversial Spider-Man stories of all time (The Clone Saga).

    While Chris Burnham is a Kirby influenced artist who’s major works include Elephantmen and Nixon’s Pals (ifanboy covered it in a video show once).

  2. There’s a *strong* chance I’ll buy this. All of these have been good, except for the Captain America one which did absolutely nothing for me.


  3. More 70th Anniversary comics? Yes please.

  4. This was another great anniversary issue. Although there is no mystery in this comic…

  5. Like a dumbass, I forgot to buy this. Now I gotta go back to the shop. 🙂


  6. I mentioned it in my review but I thought it was funny how the original ‘Angel’ has no powers….yet the panel he’s introduced in shows him flying!

    Looking it up in the Marvel Chronicles books, apparently he was given a cape called Mercury which gives him flight. Wish DeFalco could’ve expressed that a bit clearer then not stating it what so ever.

  7. This wasn’t nearly as good, in my mind, as the other 70th Anniversary books, but still deserves a solid 3/5.

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