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Something that actually bugs me while reading this. Why is this called a ‘Mystery’ comic? I looked up the history of this and this comic always seemed to have been another Invader’s comic in the 40’s. There’s no mystery here….just lots and lots of fighting.

But all that aside, this was a fun comic. Marvel is just doing great stuff with these anniversary titles. This one in particular teams up Namor, Human Torch, and Toro fighting a group of Nazi scientists. But we’re not done with the superheroes folks. No we got the best of the best….at least for 1940. We get the mysterious Detective Ferret and Golden Age Angel. The Angel in this time frame is pretty interesting…only because the narrator states he has no powers; yet he flew into the window when introduced. While the Ferret….yeah that’s pretty lame. Especially when we get into the back up material. Apparently the Ferret has an actual Ferret to help him in crime…..Yeah….

Just like how Wegener in the Human Torch comic made me want to pick up his Atomic Robo; Burnham’s art in this makes me want to pick up the titles he worked on. He brings a lot of dynamics to the comic. Especially during the fight scenes, which are kinetic and fun to look at. The coloring by Fairbairn makes the icing of the cake. The designs for Human Torch and Toro are a bit disturbing to me though. Cause Burnham drew in eyes and teeth when they are in flame form. How they’re eyes arent melting is puzzling. One of the best panels is seeing Toro crash land on a building, turn off his flame powers, and see the ground before him melt cause of the flame powers.

So another home run for these Anniversary issues. The name of this comic is still puzzling, but that isnt going to decide my scoring for this. If you want WWII action stories with Namor and the Human Torch….this comic is for you.

Story: 4 - Very Good
Art: 4 - Very Good


  1. The "mystery" part of the title refers to super-heros being called mystery-men, like the Ben Stiller movie.

  2. @Alpha: I saw no skull head bowling balls or Pee-Wee Herman farting in this. 🙂

  3. Touche’ 🙂

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