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  1. I like all these characters, but I’d rather get the trade.


  2. Marvel Divas aka Sex in the City for Marvel aka Ron’s greatest fantasy


  3. I hope it isn’t Ron’s pick this week. I really don’t want the internet to break over this book. 😉

  4. i do not know why but i feel very excited

  5. Im just getting this for my girlfriend

  6. I’m getting this for Campbell, even though that’s far from his best cover.

  7. I’m getting this cause the last page of the preview sold me, when monica has to carry them "It’s like we’re in high school and i’m the only one with a car"

  8. The preview was actually great, much better than I thought.  Roberto Aguirre Sacassa has done some great work at Marvel, even his MAX Man Thing story was excellent!!

  9. I just hope that Capt. Marvel oops…Photon gets a decent costume because of this series.  Her current one sucks.  (P.S. I think it sucks that she can’t be called Capt. Marvel anymore)

  10. @zattaric – She’s listed as Captain Marvel in this issue.

    This issue was great too. If not for Irredeemable, I would have given this POTW. Great writing and the art really fits the book. If they made this into an ongoing, I would gladly drop $4 on it every month.

  11. @ Noto  I saw that.  Howver, in all the press for it, she was listed as Photon.  Whatever though.  I really enjoyed the issue.

  12. This book reminded me of the Bechdel Rule, where one of the criteria for quality female characters is having them discuss something other than men.  I don’t know if there was a single moment where these characters weren’t defined by their relationships. 

  13. @Emptyboat – I would say from the looks of things that is coming next issue, but the first half of the book (aside from the speed dating) was not about the men in their lives but how they are second-fiddles even at one of their parties. Had nothing to do with men.

  14. Amazing issue! First time in a while I have been excited to read something from Marvel!

  15. Read it and was dissapointed.  Especially the last page.  Talk about a buzzkiller.

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