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  1. I was a fool to not pick this up in issues. I wont make the same mistake here 🙂

  2. Yeah, grabbing for sure, haven’t read my roommates issues just for this reason.

  3. I am pleased as punch for this to finally come out. Been tradewaiting this for too bloody long.

  4. Still figuring out if I should pick this up.

  5. Huurmmm. Amazon is listing this as released next month. Odd.

  6. @OttoBott: Amazon often releases trades well after they have come out in the stores.

  7. @ Conor – Really? Double dang. I didn’t know. Does anyone online release same time as brick n’ mortar or is that part of the whole online "thing."

  8. i saw all of the issues at my cbs and didnt pick them up because of this.  i cant wait.

  9. I don’t really like Millar, but i’ve hear so many cool things about this and the art looks awesome

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