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This is a first for me, cause I dont think I have ever apologized before on this site. I know I have forgiven to people for not reading anything Jason Aaron, but I have never offically apologized to one person on here. So let’s get this out of the way:

I’m sorry Ron. You were right, I was wrong.

What was I wrong about? This comic. Ron has shown his love for this comic and I didnt want to believe it was that good. Heck he made (I believe) 2 out of the 5 issues his Pick of the Week. Too much hype for me, so that is why I didnt read this in issues. Now, with a very boring weekend, I picked this hardcover up at my B&N and…..This is worth all the praise in the world.

I’m indifferent with Mark Millar (on the same veins as Josh). Some of his work has just be outstanding, like his Old Man Logan, or Ultimates, or Superman: Red Son. But some of his other work, has been pure drivel like Wanted or Civil War. But now after reading this trade, this might be my favorite peice from him. Everything is written perfectly in this, from the mind of the kid protagonist to action scenes in this book. This goes from light hearted to heavy and Millar doesnt pull his punches. If he wants to show Bullseye killing cops to Molten Man killing children…he lets himself go. Its amazing how the majority of the villains in here are basically the lame C-D level villains we see. (Sans Doom, Bullseye, and Galactus) But Millar just made us realize how fucking scary the likes of Stilt-Man or Wendigo.

The art for me is just as good as the story. Great use of colors, I love the sketchy style of Edwards. His renditions of Doom, or Hulk, or Galactus are just a sight to behold. I really hope this gets collected in an absolute or at least an oversized edition someday. Cause this book is golden enough for the art alone. My only problem with it, and this is just a nitpick, is his style for the Marvel universe. It took a bit to get use to the different styles of each universe, but it still good to look at either way.

So I’m sorry I ever doubted you Ron. This was a fantastic series by Millar and Edwards and I think everyone needs to give this a try. If anything else, it provides a good amount of Marvel porn to the masses.

Story: 5 - Excellent
Art: 4 - Very Good

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