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MARVEL 1985 #6 (OF 6)

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  2. @tittom  I’m right there with you sir. This could go on forever

  3. I can’t believe it’s over… I’m sad now 🙁

  4. come on, kids, we should be happy. this was a good book. 

  5. god… this book has been SO GOOD!

    In fact, by the time it’s over with, this may be the best thing millar has ever written.

  6. Huge week for me this week…but I read this one first!!!  The ending was awesome!!!! Loved it!!! Ron may lapse into a coma after this one!!

  7. STOP TORMENTING MEEEEEE!!! I have to wait an extra week to get this. Damnitdamnitdamnit. 🙁

    Ah well. It’ll be worth it.

  8. I don’t get all the accolades..I thought this thing went out with a whimper..

  9. got to say this ending left me very underwhelmed.  

  10. Agreed. I was wondering how he was going to wrap everything up so nicely in one last issue. And while it got the job done and I enjoyed the issue it left me wanting more (as in that’s it).

  11. @tazz- I totally agree with you.  I loved the series until this issue. 

  12. The ending left me a bit underwhelmed. But in the very end, I was cheering. Superb. I WANT MORE

  13. I loved the ending!!!  I think he went with this kind of ending on purpose to make the readers want more..and it worked!!!! Marvel 1986?

  14. I think this series always had a danger of having a weak ending, but the epilogue ending sort of saved it for me

  15. It was a better ending that A LOT of his works. this is going to look great in a hardcover on my shelf.

  16. Glad to hear all the positive feedback about this series – been waiting for the trade and hopefully it will be out sometime in november.

  17. I thought the ending worked great, explained everything.  A very nice mini-series.

  18. Really enjoyed this book and thought the ending was great (maybe I wasn’t expecting too much since I saw here people thought it was underwhelmed)  The CAP moment followed by big splash page follwed by the kid yelling that great line was just brillant.  The last line of the book was just a great way to end the book too.

  19. =| finding the back issues was a pain in the ass but so worth it.

    Easily my favorite Mark Millar work. Thanks to him my attraction to Marvel had been revitalized.

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