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MARVEL 1985 #4 (OF 6)

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  1. Is it just me, or was the first issue of this the best issue?  (Although I did like the horror-creepiness of the attacking villains in that one issue.)

  2. Does that cat have an apple on it’s head? That’s so $%^king disturbing! And yes the first issue was the best one 

  3. This is straight up Marvel porn, And thats a great thing when it comes to me. I ALWAYS loved the cliche of "What would happen if the comic book characters really existed in our (The Real) world.

    Color me FANBOY.

  4. I think this shoulda been the big summer crossover event.

  5. This is a great book far superior to the dullness that is Secret Invasion.

  6. This book has been great. Much better than secret invasion. I had my doubts about it but is easily one of my favorite books fo the summer.

  7. This is definitely fun…a nice change of pace from crossover insanity

  8. This was awesome, I like this book.

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