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It’s said that the olfactory sense is man’s most powerful, and that’s bad news for poor Sammy, an eight-year-old boy who smells – badly. In his dreams, though, things are fine when he becomes Sammy Starrider, a space cowboy who saves a beautiful princess from aliens and Astro-witches. Madame Xanadu isn’t fazed by Sammy’s odor or his fantasies. In fact, she’s been seeking him out. This spectacular third part of “Extra Sensory” features guest art from CINDERELLA: FROM FABLETOWN WITH LOVE cover artist Chrissie Zullo.

Written by MATT WAGNER

Price: $2.99
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  1. Another great book saying its farewell soon. Due to sales, or do to DC’s decision to
    take back their characters from Vertigo? Either way, it bites.

  2. I’m cool with this ending.  It’ll wrap up with a respectable 29 issue run.  The last story arc was a nice cap on the first couple issues.  The artist who defined the look of the series is moving on.  Matt Wagner said in the beginning that this was just supposed to be a mini-series and it grew from there.

    So really, we got more than we could have.  I would read more for sure but it doesn’t feel like this series is ending abrutly like some other Vertigo series (Crossing Midnight was the worst I’ve experienced).

  3. It doesn’t feel interrupted because the story has been meandering aimlessly since the origin story concluded.  Yea, it’s had its moments, but in the end this version of MX seems more a giant contradiction than anything else.  She is young.  She is old.  She is a madame.  She’s a single.  She is a wood nymph.  But chooses to live in a dense urban environment.  What does she stand for, other than a sort of random support for the innocent?  Passively hanging a sign out front, "Bring me a story"…I’m a big Wagner fan but this series never was as good as I was hoping it could be, other than the strikingly beautiful art and costume designs of the opening dozen issues.

  4. Urthona, I’m not sure I understand your complaint about the series being a contradiction.  The series takes place in several different time periods.  The character’s origin is that she was an elder/magic person and has lived since before the dawn of man.  Seems natural that a person with long life would end up being many different things.  She was the wood nymph Nimue who romanced Merlin.  She lost her immortality but stayed alive and young with potions.  She got old when she couldn’t drink the potions in prison then gained immortality again.  She had a romance in Inqusition era Spain but that woman was mortal so that obviously wouldn’t last forever.

    It seems to me your problems with the series are the things I like about it! 🙂

  5. Ha ha, maybe!  I guess I just find her really difficult to get a handle on, empathize with, understand her motivations and passions.  After so many issues, I feel like I should care more about her personally.  And I did think the opening 12 issue arc made a pretty good stab at it, but then faltered in subsequent issues.  Instead, I just hope the story has a good twilight-zone plot, since she can still provide the stage for a good story.

    Perfect example, this issue, which I thought this was great.  I didn’t really enjoy the ride (the children’s art isn’t exactly what I plunk my money down for at the LCS), but the ending was really well done. 

    I’ll be riding this book to the bitter end, how many issues away is that?

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