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  1. Love this series!!  Can’t wait to see where Joe Hill takes it. 

  2. Yes, I am soo glad this is starting again. I am going to HC wait but woohoo, it has begun.

  3. i enjoyed the first 6 issues, but it wasn’t worth $4 X 6 issues…  especially after i saw that nice hardcover collecting it all…  i can wait… 

  4. Yep , loved it great series but I have to wait for the hardcover.

  5. Yeah, after seeing the hardcover I am tempted to wait too.  But I just love this series so much and would prefer to have this book in singles in the long run. 

    CBR talked to Joe Hill, they just posted it today.  He has a plan for at least 24 more issues and then a graphic novel.  Thats sweet sweet music to my freakin ears

  6. I’ll prolly pick this up monthly…I have an easier time justifying smaller bits than one bigger purchase.

  7. The first series was AWESOME. Count me in on this one. If I had the patience, I’d wait for the trade because it’s a nicer package/better value etc … but, I have no patience. 

  8. Ima gana wait for the hard cover. loved the first one

  9. is waiting for the hardcover putting the series at risk for cancellation?


  10. @UncleBob-I doubt it.  Joe Hill is planning to do at least 24 issues and a graphic novel.  Because of the hype and praise for this book, I don’t think that will change at all.

    Solid first issue.  Great way of telling a story about the villian while using someone else as the vehicle to drive the issue.  Loving the artwork and the oh so pretty paper.  

  11. I was almost afraid to read this issue for fear that it wouldn’t live up to my expectaion. If anything though it was BETTER than I expected it to be. So far this is my only 5 star book of the week.

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