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  1. I picked up the first issue last week and I really enjoyed it. Much to my surprise, and I guess everyone else who picked this up. It’s a tour de force when it comes to the art and I love me some Sam Keith.

  2. I liked the book, Keith is cool, I will pick it up to get the complete arc, but I am not a fan of Lobo.

  3. If you are a Sam Kieth fan or a fan of the Maxx then check this out. It looks like The Maxx cartoon is finally coming to DVD!!! 

  4. You know what’s even more awesome?

    Sam Keith is writing and doing art for a 4 issue arc on Batman Confidential next year! Badass!

  5. Good stuff

  6. This was my potw last time around.  Hoping it keeps the momentum through to the end.

  7. Didn’t care much for the…stoy so far, but you CAN’T go wrong with Sam Kieth.

  8. There’s so many artist that are going to be up for Artist of the Year. I’m sure Keith is going to be up there in the nominations, because this was a thing of beauty.

    Story kinda went nowhere for me, but the real focus is on Keith. Fantastic work by him.

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