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Size: pages
Price: 6.99


-Amazing art in this, probably the best looking comic of the week. Sam Keith is just a workhorse when it comes to this. Everything about this comic is unqiue and different then what you would get in a regular DC comic. He can change his style on the fly when it comes to a situation. One minute Lobo, Satan, or anyone else can look detailed at one moment, then the next page they can look cartoony. There’s a moment in here with a Geisha and it looks like something Alex Maleev would draw. Or there’s a moment where Satan Vomits on Lobo…..and it is disgusting but hilarious to look at the same time. I love his panel layouts too, well actually it’s a bit wrong to say there are panels in this. Sure, Keith kinda uses panels in some instances, but it seems to be a crux to focus on a particular body part then anything else. Like when Lobo and Satan are right at each other, the top panel is Satan’s head and the middle panel is Lobo. Just take the panels out and it’s just one drawing on each page.


-Not so much of a Con, but Scott’s story got a bit too weird for me. Mainly because I have no idea what the hell was going on. With the last issue, there definitely is a story with Lobo wanting to fight Satan. Now that we’re at this juncture, it seems likeĀ Ian really stretched the issue to make it sixty pages. There’s a point where Lobo meets up with Vril Doxl and I have no idea why. It’s like a random cameo and it adds nothing to the story. Again it’s not bad, just not the strongest way to conclude a story. Then again it is a Lobo story, not like I was expecting an epic here.

If you really love Sam Keith, or art in general you will like this entire mini. Keith does an amazing job with this and he should be up there for ‘Artist of the Year’ with what he provided. It’s a shame that Scott Ian peered out a bit with this second half, but it’s his first time doing a comic book. Considering how some people are with first attempts, this is a good one. Maybe in the future Ian can get another oppertunity to write another comic. On a whole, it was a good issue but mainly because of the artwork.

Story: 3 - Good
Art: 5 - Excellent

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