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  1. Am I alone on preferring Shooter’s arc to Waids?  I jumped on board for OYL, when it was renamed Supergirl & the Legion of Superheroes.  Those stories were ok, but I’ve really become fond of the team.  I know this is where Shooter started, but I never read the old stuff.  The only stuff I’ve seen is Waid’s and what Johns is doing in Action.  Both are good, but it’s kind of surprising that not many have pulled this…

  2. I miss the Waid and Barry Kitson team.  Kitson’s art was so good that  I didn’t really care if there was a story or not and Waid wrote the charecters and jokes so well that I didn’t want a pesky plot interrupt the cheracter interactions.

    With the new team I have been put off a bit. The art is a hell of a lot better then what we have been seeing sens Kitson left but the story has yet to pull me in to the point that I have to read Legion right away. I still have to read #49 because of it. 

  3. i’ve only started reading since shooter was on, but i’ve thought his run has so far been a nice mix of fun moments and action, and a good handling of the big cast. and the art has been quite good throughout too.

  4. Unfortunately Waid’s LEGION kinda meandered. HE didn’t really seem to have too much of an idea a where he wanted to go with it except NOT to repeat what had come before.


    Over all I think the first couple of years of the post-Zero Hour Legion were better.


    I’m liking Shooter so far but he has yet to knock my socks off! 

  5. I’m really digging the heck out of Shooter’s run.  I’ve been reading the Legion since the Waid reboot, and it’s consistantly been at the top of my reading priorities over the last four months.

    It’s got the right amount of sci-fi shenanigans you expect from teenagers in space, without ever getting too kooky.

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