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So i sit here writing my first review for ifanboy.com and i was trying to decide what comic to start with. While it was a busy week where we saw great comics like Green Lantern #29, All Star Superman #10, and Ultimate Spiderman #120, there was one book that stood out the most. The Legion of Superheros #40 is growing to show it has a place in the comic world with its great story and amazing artwork.

Its been a while since anyone could honestly say the this was one of the strongest books each month, but once Jim Shooter and Francis Manapul came on board several issues back it has been heading in the right direction since. The characters have more depth to them and the stories seem to be headed somewhere under Shooter. Even though we haven’t seen much action and most of the plotlines still remain unresolved the story pushes forward. Whether it be Lightning Lad’s insecurity or Timber Wolf’s uncontrollable rage, Shooter gives a great sense of feeling and actual emotions while fleshing out the characters.

And then you can’t help but recognize Manapul’s art. Manapul is easily a top 5 artist for the DC Nation and he is growing stronger with each issue. I was a big fan of his work on Iron and the Maiden but he is taking his work to a new level with Legion. Its compelling art whether its a visicous creature attacking Brainiac 5 or all the characters simply gathering for morning breakfast.

The issue is strong and even though not much happens in the lines of action, we cant help but feel its all leading to something big. So you better jump onboard before its too late!!

Story: 4 - Very Good
Art: 4 - Very Good


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