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  1. I freaking love Jerry Ordawys art but this dude inking him is not the man for the job.  Ordway is sooo much better than what is being shown in these books.

  2. Yeah, I don’t want to use buzzwords, but the art just hasn’t felt very dynamic.  It’s pretty, but doesn’t engage me in the story.  I’m gonna be really sad to see Geoff Johns go, but I’ll give Willingham a few issues.  He’s a prime example for me of wishing that I’d never learned anything about an author.

  3. I think there is a gap in between Johns leaving and Willingham coming in.

    I like what I’ve read of Fables but I think I’m done with the last Johns hardcover for this series.

  4. I just hope that this issue doesn’t mark a departure for Black Adam. I love me some Black Adam!

  5. This has been a horrid arc. Truely one of the worst stories I’ve read….

    Johns should’ve put his name off of this story. Hell, this doesnt even feel like a Johns story at all. Damn you Ordway! I might pick this and the next issue up, but it’s only for Johns! When you do your two issue mini (before Willingham comes in) I am not picking this title up

  6. Sad about Johns departing, but I have no reason to think this will be bad. I hope there’s not much of a delay in Willingham coming on.

  7. @kwisdumb I agree with you the other issues were really good and i don’t expect this one to be bad at all. It’s been a good story and I’d love anything continuing Ordways work on the Power of Shazam.  But as I said before the guy inking Ordway is not doing well…at all.

  8. So this is the infamous Ross cooch shot eh?

  9. @JJ: Masquerade #1 was a much more risque cover

  10. I love Mary Marvel craziness.

  11. @JJ Yeah, I have to agree with TNC on this one. And it’s not as if we haven’t had random upskirts on other books. Infamous is not a word I’d associate with this cover. 

    Looking forward to this, despite some lack-luster art. The first issue was strong, but the second less so. However, Jay Garrick to the rescue sounds like Johns.

  12. Oh, I thought there had been some hoopla about this cover. My mistake.

  13. The hoopla over this should be how shitty this story has been for John’s final run on this series

  14. Yeah, this arc has been pretty weak. I had high hopes for this one, but I think Black Adam has been too … soft (if that’s the right word?) … not bad ass enough. Maybe Johns phoned this one in, knowing he was leaving?

  15. @TNC: agreed, this is as the french say …. shit-house!

  16. Always been a big fan of Ordway’s art.  Some of his best work was on the original Infinity Inc. not the recent crappy take off. I would love to see him continue on this title or maybe a spin off with the "Earth 2" characters from a few issues back.

  17. cannot wait

  18. @Wade: I dont even think Johns wrote the majority of this. I mean I dont read anything that screams out ‘Geoff Johns’ with the characters. Considering Jerry Ordway is also working on this story, I put the full blame on the shit-house (thanks JJ) of this arc on Ordway.

    Art is horrible too…

  19. @TNC & Wade

    This arc has been shockingly disappointing, especially as the prior arc (including the three special one-shots) was so good. I am actually hanging on only due to the fact that I hope the change of writers will bring this back to a decent book.

  20. @boostergold4 I agree with you.  I would be loving Ordway to stay on as artist but with another inker.  If people are judging Ordways art based on these two books, you aren’t getting the real Ordway here.

  21. @ JJ

    If you think this is bad go look at the Cyclone cover early in the run. Her skirt is flying up and she is obviously not wearing underwear. We had a good laugh when someone at my LCS noticed this.

    As far as this arc goes, it’s been so bad it made me forget the entire run by Johns when I was posting a question for him in the "Ask Geoff" topic (go look at my dumbassery and Josh’s response, I felt so ashamed)

  22. Someone remind me what issue # this arc started on?


  23. Why is this John’s last arc?

    Why couldnt it he just end his run at the Gog storyline? That’s the true ending of this stay by Johns. That image of an old Superman looking at us? That is an ending…..not some cheap ass Marvel family arc.

    It pains me to say that too cause I love the Marvel family oh so much….

  24. @Parker: I never said I thought the cover was bad. I thought the interweb had sort of jumped on this cover and made an example of it. If I myself think it’s improper or not, I’ll keep that to myself 😉

  25. @Diabhol Issue #23

  26. Someone remind what issue # has Cyclone with no underwear?? Ginge minge?

    @Coltrane — I’m the opposite, mate, I’m dropping this after Johns leaves.

    @TNC — I didn’t realise Ordway was co-writer on this arc. That might explain how Johns’ name is something that licks nuts.

    I just hope in these final issues of the story Black Adam will remember who he is! Dude killed entire countries population in a temper tantrum, & he’s acting like he’s Mr Nice Guy in this arc …

  27. who’s ginge minge? another golden age character?

  28. @WadeWilson

    It’s issue 3A 

    Here is a link: http://www.mycomicshop.com/comicbooks/item?IID=3146151


  29. Well this was a kick to the balls if you a Geoff Johns fan AND you loved the Marvel Family.

    Yeah this title is dropped….I’m not even gonna give Ordway or the Fables creators a chance on this.

  30. I liked this issue. The art was a bit so, so and there was random change 3/4 way through where the inking seemed needlessly heavy. It’s clear they were giving Ordway the chance to "finish" the arc he began in Power of Shazam! but it felt off. I can’t imagine the Wizard ever being disappointed in Billy. Mary, yes. Then again, you would think Billy would be stronger than succumbing to Mary. Alas. i am curious to see where next issue takes us.

    Also, does anyone think that Ordway wrote most of the issue and that Johns wrote the overriding Atom Smasher bits and the final JSA sequence? While I’m sure Johns wrote a lot of it, it feels like we weren’t getting the JSA we’ve seen until then. Thoughts? 

  31. @Hawkboy

    What’s with the Ordway haters??? This guy may not be Alex Ross, but I would buy any book he was associated with!! Love me some Ordway!!! 

  32. @Prax: I think Johns wrote the Jay Garrick stuff and wrote that great line about being old school by Scott.

    Everything else didnt feel like Johns and that’s why it suffered for me.

  33. @TNC Yeah, forgot about that bit to, because honestly the Atom Smasher and Jay Garrick bits were all that kept me interested. I also love the idea that of all the Superheroes in DC Jay Garrick is the only one who can pass by all 7 Sacred Virtues. (I’m sure someone will tell me "Oh no, Superman or Batman could have done it!" But… no. Just no!)

  34. Also, was there a coloring or pencil error at the end of the comic?

    When Atom Smasher is looking at the statue of the original; it looks like the domino mask wasnt fully colored black or not even drawn fully at all.

    Yeah that’s great art by Ordway

  35. Today I was listening to the band Isis, then saw my friend, Isis, then read this book w/ Isis in it!

    Too bad the comic sucked.

    At least I saw Isis’ nipples!

    Too bad it was in the damn crappy comic!!

    (This snarkiness brought to you by dislike of Ordway art and sexual frustration)

  36. your friend’s or the character’s?

  37. The character’s. On the page where she appears and the people of Black Adamtown are all, "Yay! ISIS(logo) is here!" she has VERY obvious pokeys.

    Had I seen the actual person’s I’d have given this book 5 stars out of karmic charity.

  38. @parker — Thanks! I remember that one. I would have thought G-banger, not no underwear 😉

    LOL@ edward — Ginge Minge kicked a lot of ass in the 40’s. Even battled Hitler (& his pubes) one issue.

    @Champ — I think the art "error" was a shadow? 

    I think Alan Scott’s line of "Of course — I am old school." summed up the whole issue, from the art to the story telling to the cheese filled dialogue. I wasn’t into this too much, was actually yawning while reading it. Literally.


  39. I liked this issue, actually. The art is alright, but the writing was nice and tight and did a good job of wrapping this up. This whole storyline has been pretty okay to me, though. I can’t wait to see what Willingham does with this.

  40. @captbastard: well, you saw one tiny detail in one panel of a comic book. dude, high five!

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