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  1. Run! Run from the peace!

  2. It’s funny the iFanboys were saying Johns’ books are never late, but this one is. 

    I’m getting kind of sick of this book.  It started out really good. I loved all of the character development, but now it just feels slow.

  3. I’m not sure I’d use the word slow, but it has been building for quite some time. It’s just about to get into the meaty part now that Magog is alive. And if you’re worried about it being late, well you have 3 one shot JSA issues in November to make up for it.

  4. I’m glad I started reading this.

  5. This storyline is dragging it’s feet alittle bit, I mean what part are we on in this? Plus how many more issues do we have until this is Gog story ends? (I believe it’s 3-4 more issues and 3 seperate tie-ins)

    But I love every single issue and even if it drags, cant deny how fun this book is. Hey you might get a Hawkman fight in this, that is gonna kick ass. 🙂

  6. I’ll take a good story that is slow, to a story that is fast and sucks.

  7. @Kory: I hear ya, but what part are we on with this Gog story? Part 33 out of 50? 🙂

  8. It’s slow, but I think the ending of the last issue(Who saw that coming?) clearly indicates that business is about to pick up. I’m loving this storyline.

  9. @TheNextChampion-  I jumped on JSA with issue 16, so I guess I have’nt been jaded by all the setup.

  10. I agree this story is slow & I also agree that it’s not a bad thing this time. It usually is (for me), but it’s working here.

  11. I am in agreement with those that are feeling this is very drawn out.  I’m not saying it’s bad, it will just probably read better in trade.  I’ve already dropped Justice League of America from my list but I’m sticking with this through the Kingdom Come story.  After that I’ll make my decision about continuing JSA or not.  The team books just seem to drag on lately.

  12. …although there is supposedly a Black Adam story arc comin after all this which could be interesting 🙂

  13. Yeah.  I liked this issue a lot.  Got things moving and well… the last page was great.  It looks like the next issue is going to be a lot of fighting… that or Gog or Magog are just going to kill a lot of people in one page.  It’s 50/50.

  14. It is funny that everone complains the story is too slow. I have been enjoying the steady pace of the book and have yet to be disappointed. He is crafting a fanatastic story. JLA wish it could be this good.

  15. This is like a DC gateway drug. I started on this arch, which by the way I’m loving, and I went back and started buying up the back issues. It is showing me all the background on all the classic golden age characters… I never saw the DCU in this light before. I don’t know about stars, but it gets thumbs up from me!

  16. Awesome issue. It had everything you could want in a comic book, & is probably my POW, but the last page made me groan … like this book needs MORE characters, lol.

  17. I am dumb.  I completely forgot to buy this, and it’s hard for me to justify a second trip to the store for one book.  Fingers crossed that they have extras next week.

  18. Magogs costume looks like Rob Liefield designed it with all those useless pouches and that pointless gun. except we can see his feet and his anatomy is correct. that aside, this was another fantastic issue in whats turning out to be a truly great storyline.


  19. @WinTheWonderboy- The design of Magog is meant to disparage character designs of characters from the 90’s, namely Cable.  Or at least that was how it was explained to me.

  20. I’m laughing at the "slow" comments. Have you been reading Secret Invasion? I’m GLAD it’s not flying along. It should be building up tension among the charaters and then it makes more sense when it all hits the fan. I recently reread the previous JSA series up til now. Made me love these characters even more.

  21. @Kory: guess that kinda makes sense, especially when your dealing with Alex Ross

    it just seemed out of place given Ross’s background in design, but then i remembered the hideous Amazing-man costume and thought anythings possible.

  22. @Win – Have you read KINGDOM COME?  Kory is correct, Magog represents the 90s characters.

  23. @conor: not since i was about 12 so its a little foggy. i don’t remember him having pouches and a gun though.

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