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  1. Johns is just the best writer right now isnt he? If it isnt Action Comics, it’s JSA. If it’s not JSA, then he’s got Green Lantern. God I wish I was him right now, writing some of the best stories in comics.

  2. But, if you were him, who would be you?

    This seris is kickin’ ass all over town.

    *waves small flag with JSA written on it, Homer Simpson style*

  3. Go Team! (waves flag)

    I mean, sure this is just a semi-sequal to a much better story (Kingdom Come). But man, I thought the well was dry with this story when Ross did the awful Kingdom Story. That last issue was just so underrated in my mind. It had some of the best character development and Gog was just the best thing in a villian I’ve seen in a long time….Does help that Ross did a gorgeous two page spread for Gog in the last issue either.

  4. yay! this has been feeling like a very big story and I’m glad to see it continue. plus don’t we got that annual later this month? that’s awesome.

  5. This will be my first JSA issue because I hear way too many good things about to not read it.  I know it’s not a good jumping on point but maybe I’ll find the first sixteen on sale online somewhere.

  6. This book has been excellent from the first issue. 

  7. @kory you might want to get the last issue but if you don’t your not missing much

  8. The VERY BEST team book in comics – period. There I said it. Deal with it.

  9. @kory I highly suggest getting the lastest hardcover before starting issues.

  10. @mistersizzle- I considered that but I made room in my budget to start another ongoing series and I wanted a book that would give me more bang for my buck and I have heard nothing but postive things about this and other Geoff Johns books, so I’m seriously thinking of riding a bike to work so I can start  reading Johns’ Green Lantern

  11. @Kory

    It would be totally worth it. Green Lantern is one of my favorite comics right now.

  12. @Kory – Have you considered a life of crime to support your comic reading?

  13. @Kory

    I would say pick up Sinestro Wars in Green Lantern and get into that book. My feeling is that its much better than this one. Try it!

  14. @WadeWilson- No, but I may have to because  it’s very hard justifying spending more than $30 a week on comics to my girlfriend.  I have to listen to her because I’m dating way above my head, I mean she’s a dead ringer for Chloe from Smallville  and she can actually cook so I don’t want to lose her. 

  15. Even the list of new members in the JSA keeps growing and growing, Johns manages to keep focus on the main story without being bogged down by the confusion of writing so many different characters in one issue.  He keeps the pace of the story and keeps you coming back month after month

  16. @Kory I recommend just pleading insanity if your comic buying gets up to more than what she is willing to see as reasonable. You’d be suprised how easily people accept crazy behaviour when it’s predictable, harmless. and confined to small portion of your life. You just gotta work on that special shrug that says "what are you gonna do? I’m crazy," without making you look like an asshole. It just requires the right combination of condfidence, embarrasment, and sympathy. Once you get the look down, you’re on easy street. Apart from all the petty crime you’ll have to do to pay for the books, but you won’t tell her about that. (Unless the need arises to look tough in her eyes, in which case you do tell her and also get a tattoo of a snake in a skull, stealing money, to pay for Green Lantern.)

  17. This was my first JSA issue..I enjoyed it but there were a lot of characters I’m not familiar with but overall this was one of a very good week of issues for me.

    Quick Question: who is the Superman W/ the Reed Richards sideburns

  18. @Kory – The Superman from KINGDOM COME.

  19. @Conor- Got it, he’s from a parallel universe. Thanks.

  20. If Geoff Johns isn’t the best writer in comics right now, I dunno who is. All his books are kickin’ ass & takin’ names & this issue was no exception.

    Man, I’d LOVE to see him on JLA for a long run, he’s awesome at team books.

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