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  1. Starring 16 new characters!

  2. ^LOL

    Dude, you’re joking, but you never know — it might happen.

    When the Kingdom Come Superman came into this book, I was worried that DC was just trying to cash in on Kingdom Come’s popularity (and maybe they are) but this storyline has been outstanding. 

  3. I have a feeling Wildcat’s gonna bite it soon.  He’s been displayed as being way out of his league in terms of powers lately.  Plus with his son around, there’s already an heir to the Wildcat name.

  4. @shogunt–I hope not, but he is a logical choice  if  someone needs to die soon!

  5. I just hope they don’t get rid of Kingdom Come Superman, or at least anytime soon. Give him a year at least. Same goes for Starman. And Citizen Steel, though I don’t think they’ll get rid of him. It looks like whoever is going to die is going to die in Africa, so probably soon.

    Anyway, good issue. I liked the last page with the glance forward. Glad to see the Mr. Johns has some serious plans for this series.

  6. This issue rocked, Nuff Said

  7. I don’t know, this has been good…but nowhere near the knock-your-socks-offness that the old JSA series had.

    Maybe I need to sit down and reread the last couple of issues again.

  8. no I totally agree with you TomO, I enjoyed JSA much more than Im enjoying Justice Society of America, which was non-stop awesome.  Not that its bad it’s just yet to compete with say, the Jonny Sarrow arch.

  9. "I wanna drive a car," sold me on Lightning.

  10. @shogunt "Sometimes their brain ain’t smart enough ta tell their body when the fight’s over"… You might be onto something there. This line was just too full of subtext…

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