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  1. Now thats a cover I can get behind.

    While I’m loving this book, I’m hoping for a change at the end of this storyline.  Not really sure what or how drastic.  Maybe even just an ending and beginning. 

  2. Hawkman is in this book? I don’t remember him doing anything so far.

  3. One of my favorite books right now, but I think a lot of fans agree this arc has been too long and poorly timed coming so soon after the whole Lightning Saga crossover. Or maybe the LS was the poorly timed one (take your pick) but over a year in and it still feels like this book hasn’t had room to "breathe". I know Johns has mentioned that there’s some shake-ups on the way and I certainly hope that’s true. Would like to see more focus on, well, the JSA I guess.

  4. Yay, it looks like Sandy is gonna be back and doing something

  5. Lightning Saga was poorly timed and not needed in my book.  It took 8 issues and way more characters then what were needed.  I think that this story has suffered a little bit because people really want to see this book do something, I think it will in these next few issues.

  6. I have no complaints with this storyline, it can go on and on as long as it wants.

  7. This storyline has been really kick ass.  I love the ties to Kingdom Come that are going on, and the whole Gog/Magog set up has been great.  Can’t wait to see where this issue takes us.  And I heart Eaglesham’s art.

  8. More Gog/Magog = Good comics.

  9. The story and art have been fantastic which makes this my favorite DC book right now.  I hope that Kingdom Come Superman sticks around for a while.

  10. This book deserves to be on top. It’s a real Story with a capitol "S".  Goodness all around.

  11. I agree with Conor. I just love the story and how the character interact with each other. I’m buying this as long as Geoff Johns is writing it.

  12. I might buy this just for the cover. One of the prettiest covers I’ve ever seen. Hope it looks just as good in person tomorrow.

  13. I know I’m in the minority on this one but I just don’t understand anything that’s going on in this title.  I have no idea who half the people interacting are and I think not having a really deep knowledge of DC is adding to this.  The art and writing are great but I feel like someone trying to read X-men for the first time now without 30 years of backstory knowledge. 

  14. Poor Sandy, you finally get to do something and they stab you through the chest off panel.  Not that I think he dead, although it seems his powers are all a little different.  

    Either way, that last page looked amazing, I might scan it for my computers background 

  15. gotta love this ending. and im starting to place gog high up on the villains chain.

  16. I actually gasped a litte bit when Gog appeared in the Brownstone. I was actually worried about the younger members. It is pretty rare to get that caught up in a comic.

  17. I’m so glad I’m reading this series. Art and story are consistently good, and I’m really excited to see where this will all go. Thanks iFanboy.

  18. Also, I did a count at the table seen and I think there are 24 members. I couldn’t help but laugh.

  19. Loved the issue, but don’t have enough DCU knowledge to understand the reveal on the last page. Who were those two? Kingdom Come GL?

  20. well I think this issue addressed my issue because we get to see Gog and big stuff happened.  And by issue I mean…minor issue because this book is one of my top books

  21. I think that one of the problems people have with not knowing who everyone is and all that comes from the fact that a lot of people jumped on at issue one of Justice Society of America, which builds off of JSA(which stopped at issue 87, i think).  So this is kinda like issue 101 of JSA.  I would recommend that everyone who hasn’t to go back and read through the JSA trades, they are fantastic and would help anyone who might be confused. 

  22. I really enjoyed this issue and it’s nice seeing some ass beating going on.  Who knew Gog was so damn strong?  Looking foward to where this one is going.

  23. Just think, if you can handle this sort of team book, you can handle all the rest. It is like a Crisis book on a monthly basis.

    Too many character? Bah! Go read FF4 you pansies! (I’m just kidding. Imagine a drill sargeant yapping like this) 😉

  24. Hell yeah! Everything you could want in a comic book … AND a monkey!

  25. I needed this issue to take a moment and focus the story a little because I was just beginning to feel like things were meandering a bit and it did that for me.  Still good character development, lots of action and surprise twists but just enought exposition to narrow the focus on who Gog is and the danger he represents.  This was good stuff.   

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