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  1. I loved the last lines of this issue: "Get ready for the brightest day… AND the blackest night" Oh my god, even though I laughed at it I thought it was awesome. I totally agree on how cool it was watching them work together throughout it. Although I do feel like some of these new guys will be dead when the dust settles in a few months, which is too bad because, right now, the only person on the team I don’t like it Roosevelt’s great-grandson, and that’s just cause I have no idea who the heck he is or what he does…

  2. I’m not sure about Sandy, if he was as powerfull as he used to be, I would say there is no way that would kill him, as he is made of sand.  But it seems his powers are affected since he inherited Wesley Dodds dreams back in JSA before the relaunch.  He was my favorite character in the book and my only compliant with JSA and now Justice Society of America since Johns took over is that he’s been giving Sand less and less of a role in the book.  I’m a little worried the character.

  3. I think they’re slowly setting up for some of the old guard to be killed off, not the new guys.  WildCat especially seems as if he’s being set up to die: all the training of his son; the steep power differential between he and his opponents lately; his age becoming more of a factor. 

    I was actually considering dropping this book before this issue, but the opening page alone solidified my sticking with it.  That inner monologue by Sandman was simply brilliant, and almost no writer can pull that off other than Geoff Johns.

  4. Nice review my friend.  It’s a titanic review, but you perfectly capture just what makes this issue, and this series great.  I, like you, can’t wait for the next one.

  5. Well done.  This was my favorite of the week, too. 


    I couldn’t help but think that all of the crazy team building was leading up to a slaughter of many of them as I read this issue.   Hawkman took a pretty big hit to the chest, but perhaps it only hit the centerpieces of his wing-vest thing.  

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