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  1. I feel like this book is just waiting to explode.  This story line has been just waiting to come to a head and I can’t wait to see what happens next.  This book totally blows JLA out of the water.

  2. I agree this book has got to explode pretty soon and as much as I have enjoyed the introduction of all the characters the story really does have to progress soon.  Otherwise it’s just an DC encyclopedia.

  3. I agree with both of you.  Its a great book, but its time for things to come to a head. 

    Not really a fan of the cover though…i don’t like the heads around the border.

  4. Actually, I am really enjoying the JSA just hanging out. Wildcat II smoking, Liberty Belle and Hourman embracing, Cyclone getting too excited and Starman walking the fine between drunk and schizophrenic- all great stuff. But yes, no doubt things are about to get tragic for the JSA.

  5. I just read a preview of this and Jakeem Thunder says one of my favorite lines about how the team is too damn big.  I do feel like this is more of an army then it is a team.  It seems like if something happens in the DCU that the JSA should swoop in and put a stop to almost anything at this point.

    I too really enjoy all of the character interaction.  Especially the issues with Citizen Steel, I love that character in this book. 

  6. My local comic book store clerk compared JSA to Marvel’s Initiative saying that while the Initiative is forced JSA is more volunteer service, a place to hang out, get advice, training, and help when needed. This makes sense as they pretty much have accepteded anyone who has showed up on the doorstep. 

    All I know is tha the story has to progress soon or really whats the point.  It’s been fun, but at the same time a little aggravating waiting for something to happen.   

  7. I LOVED the first page of this issue… Jakeem Thunder serving as the voice of the fanboys… "there’s too many members!"

  8. I really liked how they explained the Gog / Magog relationship.  I thought they were the same person, but now I know that their relationship is part of a ridiculously convoluted and confusing continuity that even Geoff Johns doesn’t fully understand.

    Thanks for clearing that up Geoff!


  9. Geoff is to clean up the Gog continuity mess that Chuck Austen left

  10. Nice to get an idea where this is all going.  I suspect this might resemble what Johns did with Black Adam dividing the team earlier.  Some of these heroes are going to leave the team soon, one way or another.  I’m enjoying it, but I’m ready for some action as well.  Wonder how or if it will tie in with Final Crisis.

  11. It’s nice to see the story finally start to gain some momentum and the focus on a far smaller cast of characters this issue was a good move too. Still, I would be lying if I said that JSA is probably the weakest of the comics that Geoff Johns is currently writing.

    As for the art, it’s a pity that KC-Superman’s face looked so off because the art by guest penciller,  Fernando Pasarin, was otherwise really good and is similar enouh to Eaglesham to keep the visuals consistent with the rest of the arc.

  12. Best Comic of the week, and one of the best Superman stories I’ve read in a while.

    I was really skeptical of the Kingdom Come Superman’s introduction to the JSA, but now I hope he stays around for a while.



  13. This book is definately one of the best books DC comics is putting out!!! I cannot wait to see how many more members they are going to bring in. The cover reminds me of the JLA/JSA crossovers from the eighties…I absolutely loved it!!! Please keep the multiverse DC..the possiblities are endless!!!

  14. Sweet! What a showdown. Always a good time when there’s trouble-a-brewing in biblical proporations. I only recently jumped onto this series and I’m already into it, with little to no knowledge of these characters or their history, other that Superman.

  15. Great issue. KC Superman seems to be quite the formidable opponent. Love the cover with the floating heads. A nice throwback to old-school JSA covers of years past.

  16. I’ve totally enjoyed this title!  It’s a book that I keep looking forward to.  Keep it coming!!!

  17. Kneel before Gog!!!

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