The BRIGHTEST DAY continues with a shocking connection to the White Light in part five of the JLA/JSA crossover!

It’s the grand finale of this team-up, and it’s chock-full of revelations as the greatest threat to the Earth may not be Alan Scott or the chaotic energy of the Starheart, but one of the other members!

Plus, don’t miss the second feature starring Cyborg, whose goal of restoring Red Tornado’s body becomes a battle to save the android’s sanity as the madness of the Starheart engulfs them.

White Lantern Variant cover by RYAN SOOK, FERNANDO PASARIN and JOEL GOMEZ

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  1. Despite JLA being one of my most collected DC books, I think I have finally gotten the strength to walk away. Robinson is not working for me.

  2. Remember when James Robinson was a great writer and wrote the awesome Starman?  Man, that feels so far away.  This is okay, but nowhere near what he once was.

  3. I’m out after this crossover. It’s verging on self abuse for me.

  4. I’m hoping that things get better after this crossover.  I liked what Robinson had going on before it.  I just think this crossover happened too soon after both of the creative teams came onto JLA & JSA  I think they were still trying to find their voices.  

    I’m sticking with it b/c I know that Robinson sometimes takes a long time to get to the good stuff.  Like a slow burn. 

  5. I only started reading BECAUSE of the crossover.  I’m a JSA fan way over a JLA fan.  I’m waiting for this to end to drop JLA and go back to my JSA book.  

  6. I’m glad I dropped this before Blackest Night.  It was terrible then and its hard to imagine people are still reading it.

  7. im gunna stay and give him a chance, i feel like robinson is getting bombarded with dc directives and is finally gunna get to what he wanted to do after this cross over

  8. I think I’m done with JLA for awhile.

  9. I thought I was the only one not liking this book. I keep holding on expecting a shimmer of brilliance but get disappointed each and every time. I think it’s because of Robinson’s lack of focus and direction. He said it himself that he can’t decide on who to place in the roster. He promised a more permanent roster after this crossover which he handpicked so hopefully things will get better.

  10. Well I wasn’t terribly happy with this crossover, but I’m happy with where it ended. Looking forward to what happens to Supergirl after the epilogue.

  11. So the Starheart followed Jade to Earth, drove everyone crazy, then 700 characters punched ill-defined green constructs for several issues accomplishing nothing. Finally Jade decides to attack the Starheart, which scares it enough that Alan Scott and his tremendous will can finally wrangle the Starheart back into place.  Several other things happened, including the joining and splitting of Jade and Obsidian for White Lantern purposes and the science/technology team up of Supergirl and Powergirl that was so, so cool that we were not allowed to see a single panel of it. Holy crap, I am done with Robinson’s JLA.

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