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  1. I’m hoping the Black Lanterns completely wipe out the entire JLA (starting with Vixen) thus paving the way for Robinson’s semi-reboot.

  2. I didn’t care for Bagley’s art on the last issue.  It’s just hard for me to take characters seriously when he’s drawing them.

  3. It’s Robinson, gotta get it.

  4. Skipping these two issues. Will give this new creative team another chance afterwards when we start to see their new JLA team come together.

  5. Do you get a free ring with this?

  6. Picking this up for the ring (and maybe next issue). Won’t be coming back after that.

  7. here’s hoping

  8. This is the first comic I’m buying for the ring that I’m actually looking forward to.

  9. Oh hey! It’s already a tie-in issue with Robinson’s second time on the series!

    Yeah this is totally different from the previous runs on JLA. #massiveeyeroll

  10. @TNC The JLA should be tied into everything. I mean, it’s the JLA. The difference is that Robinson actually wants to tie into everything, as opposed to whining about it like McDuffie did.

    I’m looking froward to seeing how this works out, as it’s Robinson’s first test. Can he make a tie-in issue feel interesting? Can he also use a tie-in issue to further his own plot? We will soon find out.

  11. @rustyautoparts – but over in Marvel everyone bitches that Avengers are TOO involved in the main storylines.  Especially that New Avengers is basically a side-by-side tie-in with Dark Reign.  But everyone loves that about GL…

  12. Comic fans love to bitch, we all know that. 😛

  13. Wait, I thought the big problem with this series was that it got too involved with the other DCU stories. I’m just thinking of the Morrison run, cause that classic run didn’t need tie in to other areas of the DCU to tell an amazing story.

    I’m told that this run by Robinson is going to be different then the previous 38 issues. Now he’s already doing a tie-in to a major event…..Nothing seems to have changed.

  14. the very nature of this kind of team implies crossover.  it comes with the territory.

  15. @TNC  the big problem was that they didn’t know what to do with it and it was treading water for the last year. editorial wouldn’t let the writers do anything major as best as i can remember

  16. All I can say is I had a ton o’ fun reading this book and in the end isn’t that what comics are supposed to be about?

  17. @NextChamp Yeah, it is a tie-in to a major event, but it’s also kinda relevant. This isn’t just for marketing (although that might be part of it). This isn’t tying into every little thing and being a book of trailers/prologues/previews. This was actually really, really well done tying in. I really liked what Robinson did with this issue. A lot, actually. Very interesting/compelling stuff that I thoroughly enjoyed…

    Really. This was better than the last issue. Definitely pick up the next one.

  18. Not bad, but not particularly good. It sets up a few interesting things for the next issue. I’m looking forward to it.

  19. Tnacer siht cimoc.

  20. OK, that spell attempt didn’t work. Worth a try, though.

    In all seriousness, thanks James Robinson, I’ve been waiting so long for a comic about a bunch of D-List characters having a reunion with some Z-List characters that I’ve never heard of. Adding in pages & pages of painful "spell" dialogue in that awesome conversation-battle between Zatana & her dead daddy was a stroke of genius. It was so fun to read & totally deserving of DC’s figurehead book (well, it used to be that).

    1/5 (1 is for the art).

  21. This was crap on a stick.  The art was pretty good for me, but nothing fancy.  I don’t understand these damn ring tie-ins.  They all used the same exact formula that was cool…the first month that Blackest Night came out!  Nothing original, nothing substantial, nothing worth reading.

    But I got my nerdy ring, so my life is complete. 

  22. Ok, so maybe TNC is right. I’d rather see JLA on its own, rather than a tie-in like this. Still, it was decent. On a short leash, though.

  23. @Rusty:

    "Ok, so maybe TNC is right."


  24. This was fun. Great to see the old Justice League Detroit team back together.

  25. @Conor  agreed. i recently read a handful of back issues about these guys and seeing Bagley draw them was awesome

  26. Call me crazy but I love Vibe!!!!

  27. This was just fun to read. 

  28. Justice League Detroit wasn’t good. what possible reason would there be happy about a reunion?

  29. This was pretty bland, but fun. Bagley’s art just doesn’t feel right on DC Characters to me. And his character models haven’t changed since USM. There wasn’t anything special about it. I wish I could give this a 3.5. I didn’t think it was a 3, I actually enjoyed it more than some other issues I read this week, but it’s certainly not a 4 book. 3/5 for me.

  30. I just gave this a POW nod.  I have re-read it three times and enjoy it more each time.  Looking forward to the next one.

  31. Semi-Spoiler: Dr. Light licking the salty face of Firestorm’s girlfriend. So wrong it felt right. Kicked what was a solid, if bland reading experience up a notch to a weak 4. I never read a single issue of Vibe JLA, but he is so infamous it is nice to finally see him in the flesh, so-to-speak. Now if only we could get him to Break Dance someone to death, the circle would be complete.

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