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  1. But will there be four pages of excellent backmatter?

  2. I’m picking this up strictly for the art because, while i like robinson, i haven’t read anything about what he plans to do with this book. Going in cold on this one, hope he sells me.

  3. All aboard the comeback train

    (God, I hope this is the comeback train)

  4. Doesn’t this lead directly from Cry For Justice?  Is that mini finished yet?  I’m confused.

  5. I think it just picks up from Len Wein’s run, but I’m sure they will match up with what Robinson’s doing in Cry.

  6. I’m oh so very exited!

  7. I’m back on this for now.  We’ll see how it goes.  I pulling for Bagley & Robinson, but no promises!

  8. @CAM From what I can gather, this ish takes place after Cry for Justice, but before the team in that book becomes the new JLA. Robinson is inheriting the current team in this issue, the next two issues are Blackest Night tie-ins, and then he puts together the new JLA team after that, which should be closer to when Cry for Justice is done.

    Contrary to what seems like popular opinion, I’m really enjoying what Robinson is doing on Cry for Justice. The characterizations don’t seem that off, I love the back matter, and the story is intriguing. I’m really looking forward to this run now, but I’m not expecting a whole lot until he gets his line up together. Here’s hoping.

  9. It’s a light week, so I will give it a try, but man, I am not happy that Robinson is on this book or with the team line-up.

    I’m only disappointed because a) 95% of Robinson’s recent DC work has been WEAK (IMO) & b) JLA used to be AND SHOULD BE DC’s flagship title — the best writers/artists & the most powerful characters possible. It’s been a piss weak title for so long now, it’s way past due to be good again. 

    But, like I said, I’ll give it a try & will be happy to be wrong if the book is strong. (rhyme skillz)

  10. Love Bagley so will give his a chance. I’m reading Cry for Justice, I hope this doesn’t ruin the ending of the mini.

  11. This book had better be good. The last decent JLA concept was when they introduced Red Tornado, Vixen, Red Arrow, Hawkgirl and the rest. Are was great, stories always held me. Then they pull the artisit or writer and try to ride the momentum for as long as they can. This team and art looks average at best an not what they charge for comics these days. I’ve been reading and collecting since 1963.

  12. @RustyAutoParts – You aren’t alone. I have enjoyed Cry for Justice, as well.

    @WadeWilson – Do said skillz pay the billz? 

  13. I’m just now jumping onto this.  Robinson has become one of my favorite writers.

  14. I have been liking this for the pass three issues. but will it keep up the good work?

  15. i’m pretty much strictly picking this up for the art. Hope the story is awesome as well. I dropped Trinity because of the story and fact that it was weekly, but the art was badass.

  16. I hate hate HATED Cry For Justice, as I found the scripts stiff and boring, and all the potentially cool scenes are skipped over. I will give this a chance though, as its possible that Robinson is going for a different tone in this book, and that his script will actually be fun and exciting to read. Not holding my breath though.

  17. I felt like this was a strong first issue. The dialogue that seemed a little out of place is Cry for Justice was not apparent here. Looks like it will be an interesting run.

  18. I wasn’t impressed by this, but I think DC put Robinson in a corner. "Here, take over JLA and you get 1 issue before we drag you into Blackest Night". So….what’s he supposed to do in one issue ? More angst over the future of the league, and a random inexplicable Despero appearence. I picked this up only because I hope Robinson can do something interesting once he get clear of crossovers. 

  19. ok this would have been a 3 if not for the art. i really don’t like vixen as a character but thankfully Robinson isn’t keeping her on as part of his team so i can deal with her being a stick in the mud for an issue or two

  20. What the hell was that?  Why does DC keep releasing JLA issues that reference events that haven’t taken place?  I guess they were stuck trying to line it up with Blackest Night, but in so doing they knocked it out of sync with Cry for Justice.  I don’t particularly care for continuity unless it is integral to the story, but in this case I feel like I am missing half the story.

  21. Stuclach quoted Futurama, so I will quote The Simpsons. My review: Boooo-urns!!

  22. This was definitely one of the most pointless filler comics I’ve read in a while. Robinson’s recent stuff has been really week. He needs to get going again.

  23. @Andrew – Are you saying Boo or Boo-agley? (Or perhaps it is Ro-boo-son?)

    I didn’t think it was atrocious, but it certainly wasn’t great. 

  24. i liked it aside from Vixen. I just can’t stand that kinda whining. Everyone else was pretty good though and the art was awesome

  25. @RoiVampire – I don’t think I have ever liked Vixen as a character.  She was acceptable on JLU, but never interesting.

  26. If you wanted to read a comic about four B-grade characters fighting Despero for 22 pages this is definitely for you. Maybe it’s just me, but I’d prefer a JLA book with strong characters & an actual story.

    I gave this a shot, but man … Robinson’s poor run of form continues. Terrible issue.

    @stuclach- Don’t listen to what anyone else says — rhyme pays. *does the robot*

  27. I thought this was stronger than Cry for Justice.

    I am on this to see the origin of the new team. A little disappointed it hinted at the ending of Cry for Justice, but overall I enjoyed it and will give it a go.

  28. I feel like I should apologize for liking this as much as I did, but I won’t. If some of you can enjoy something as awful as Deadpool, I think I can enjoy James Robinson, so there. 😛

    Seriously though, I wish I could explain why I like this and Cry for Justice so much. It just feels right to me. Maybe I’m just reading the dialogue with the right inflections or something. Or, I could just be insane.

  29. @WadeWilson – Time to cut a little rug and then head to the bank. Can I get a "DEPOSIT"?

  30. @Rustyautoparts

    I thought this was decent as far as the writing goes, and I’ve been enjoying Cry For Justice as well. But i HATED the art in this. HATED IT! 

  31. @stuclach – I’ll boo the product and not the people, since I typically really like Bagley and have liked Robinson in the past. For some reason, I haven’t been too partial to Robinson’ stuff the last few years and this issue just continued the trend of a story I care nothing about. As  much as I like Bagley, his DC work hasn’t struck a chord with me. I was really looking forward to seeing his Batman and Superman, but now that I’ve seen them, I don’t dig it. Maybe his inker is different from whoever was doing his Marvel work.

  32. I was OK with this, but just OK. But this book has been in a bad place for a while, I am willing to give Robinson time to right the ship.

  33. Was there a Despero plotline or hint of a Despero plotline that McDuffie left dangiing out there somewhere? The last two years were such a mishmosh mess it certainly could be. Maybe even something Meltzer did before he departed the series? Otherwise I do not understand why Robinson would just randomly drop a character in like that in a issue clearly meant as a brdige (with BN in the middle) to his new series. There is an obvious mystery as to WTF just happened, so maybe Robinson has a reason…

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