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  1. Just when this book has gotten so bad, I feel forced to drop it for the first time since the stone age, DC slaps a Sightings banner on the front to reel me back in! Bastards!

  2. Why does DC feel the need to bring in some long forgotten characters that nobody cared about in the first place!!  Just give us good stories with the current characters you have!!!  Milestone was terrible back in the day and I do not see the point of bringing them into the current DC stories!!

  3. I know virtually nothing about the Milestone Characters, but I do know that Dwayne McDuffie is capable of handling a very large cast and still giving characters time to shine (see Justice League Unlimited).  I have only read maybe two issues from his run on JLA, but I am planning on grabbing this just to get a feel for these Milestone characters.

  4. I agree with booster on this.

    Why bring these characters back? Plus they are bringing Archie superheroes next year and that just seems like a waste of time as well. DC has enough heroes for right now, we dont need to add another 10-20 in the next couple of months.

  5. I thought I had heard hints somewhere about a complete creative team change on this book.  Anyone hear the same?  I think I’m going to drop this book until they give it a revamp.  I just can’t hold on any longer.

  6. You know, I gotta agree with Booster and Champ, who are the fans that the return of the Milestone characters appeals too?  It’s certainly not me.

  7. Milestone had its fans.  Just because you aren’t one of them doesn’t mean they don’t exist.

  8. The point of putting the Milestone characters in the book is so they can garner new fans. I’ve never seen them before, but thought they were interesting. I enjoyed this issue, especially the Superman vs Wonder Woman debate and Black Canary calling the Three out. Hopefully, the upswing in enjoyability of JLA will continue.

  9. @conor: I’m not saying the fans dont exsist, I’m sure there are fans of these guys.

    But are there enough fans for:

    A) Getting enough interest for the title

    B) Enough to raise sales for the book.

    That’s all I was pondering. I agree with Ntomcrto that this was more likely to get new fans….But I just dont know if fans want to see yet another group of heroes acting like the JLA.

  10. "Plus they are bringing Archie superheroes next year and that just seems like a waste of time as well"


    @nextchampion Waste of time for you maybe but I for one, am VERY excited about this.  I loved those heroes as a kid and can’t wait to see ’em in the DCU.

  11. I am a fan of Static.  He isn’t featured in this issue (he is mentioned), but the other characters seem at least mildly interesting.  

    @TheNextChampion – I doubt they are putting the Milestone characters in this issue to bump up sales.  It seems like they are just using the book as a bridge to bring them into the DCU.  I am sure McDuffie has gotten used to having "his" book interupted by DC’s need to use it for a crossover/insertion.  This book has been suffering from that for a while now (see the Final Crisis prelude or the "Lightening Saga" as examples).

    I think McDuffie is a very skilled writer, but something has kept this title from meeting (my) expectations.  It could be the interuptions or it could be something else.  I would like to see him get a nice 10 issue run without any need to shovel something in that might not fit.

  12. @Stu: I believe I read somewhere that Static will be joining the Teen Titans. I also agree that the biggest problem with the JLA is, just like X-Factor, it keeps getting dragged into every "event". I think the Milestone introduction will work better since McDuffie helped create these characters, maybe he was the one that had the original idea to introduce them into DCmain. One can hope anyway.

  13. @Hawkboy: I never said it was a waste of time. I’m saying ‘is it practical to introduce this many ‘new’ characters into the DCU? How are they going to put them into the universe, seperate titles or another team up book? Will DC be able to manage these milestone characters, and then quickly introduce the Archie characters a couple of months later?

    Let’s hope the answers for those last two questions are ‘Yes’.

  14. Bonus mini review of this issue — yawn.

  15. the remains of the male doctor light as a candle in this? so this is after final crisis?

  16. I picked this book up b/c the Milestone characters were making a comeback. Too bad their return was "heralded" by mediocre art and some of the worst writing in mainstream comics. I can’t believe DC continues to leave this creative team on what should be a flagship title.

    As excited as I was for more diversity in the DCU, this comes as a terrible disappointment. I’ve never been a fan of Benes. Maybe he’s not bad, he’s just not my style. Everyone seems too posed all the time, with no more than two body shapes (hot male and hot female). At least that’s one more character type than McDuffie seems capable of writing. I don’t think there is a single thing to distinguish one character’s voice from another. You could mix up all the thought balloons in this title since he started, and it wouldn’t make a difference. I know some people like McDuffie’s work. It must be for the overall story, because I think his voice is non-existant, and his character work is extremely limited.

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