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  1. Anyone else looking forward to the new Justice League comic announced?  Cause from this issue till the one in June, JLA looks dismal.

  2. I was so excited when McDuffie was announced as the writer for this and I could not be more disappointed with the way it’s been handled – it’s been Crossover Showcase Monthly. The book has lost any sense of an identity.

    I added this to my pull list out of sheer habit but I think this will end up being a 80/20 chance of leaving it on the shelf. I feel dirty supporting it any further…

  3. I dropped this book months ago and don’t miss it a bit. Maybe I’ll give it another chance after Final Crisis gives it a new status quo, but we’ll see.

  4. This issue was just not very good– I’m doing now what I should have done earlier– dropping it.

  5. Haven’t read the issue yet but share a lot of folks’ frustration with how this book has been handled. How many issues has McDuffie actually written? I’m going to stay onboard at least until he returns, but if they keep pulling this on-again, off-again crap I predict I’ll drop it by the end of the summer. Really sad, as this should be one of DC’s best books!

  6. It’s a shame the way they treated McDuffie. He comes aboard and instantly they turn the book into DC Team-Up. And now the book belongs to Alan Burnett, right? Well if that’s the case then let him right what he wants. JLA just doesn’t feel like an important book right now, when it should be the centerpiece of the DC Universe.

  7. Drop.  Be back when it becomes interesting again

  8. I haven’t been big on this JLA since it started.  Some have been good some have been just bleh. 

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