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  1. Good call on the Black Canary leadership. I hadn’t even thought about that, and that, along with the general feeling that this book isn’t very grounded, centered, or balanced, is a major flaw to the title. But I’ve actually been enjoying this storyline for what it is.

    If you think about it, DC has not done a great job establishing any of its major titles since IC. JL, WW, Superman, Batman, Flash, and Action Comics have all suffered in one way or another. Not that they were all bad. Some did things that were experimental (Batman, Action Comics), with mixed results. I think Meltzer’s run on JL might have been alright if it hadn’t been the opening chapter for this title. There was too much pressure on it and it didn’t know what it was supposed to be.

     And then the fact that Final Crisis is coming up is also a problem for all the premier books. They don’t have any room to breathe because we know, and the writers know, that something huge is going to happen in a few weeks that will reset it all again. 

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