The United Nations’ new international team of heroes must learn to work together – and fast – if they’re going to discover the mystery behind the giant alien Signalmen who are appearing all over the globe.

Can Booster Gold lead his team to victory, or will they fall?

Written by DAN JURGENS

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  1. Woohoo my Fav comic so far from the New 52 hope this issue is as great as the first

    Guy Gardner Best GL ever or greatis Superhearo ever!?!

  2. I was really surprised about how much I liked the first issue of this. I was really bummed that Winick wasn’t heading this series, but I thought that Jurgens did a pretty good job.

  3. I loved the first issue and this was my surprise win of the New 52….. excited to see where this goes

  4. I loved the chatter back and forth between the team members. I think this book is going to be a lot of fun

  5. Jurgens left Booster Gold. I left. Jurgens came back. I came back. Jurgens goes to JLI. I go to JLI.

    I really enjoyed the first issue.

  6. I have high hopes for this series, the last issue was good but seemed off somehow. I’m excited to see what happens.

  7. Can’t wait! Really liked Issue #1.Love the mix of heroes!

  8. This is the second comic this month that has a big, robotic hand reaching towards our heroes.

  9. I know it’s a nit-pick, but I miss Booster Gold’s old costume already. I always thought that it was a great, simple design.

  10. JLI should be a fun ride without a doubt and i am very excited to be on board!

    Just sayin’,


  11. Im hoping for the best. totally excited abt it.

  12. Ugh this was a bowl of meh for me. Thought maybe reading a second issue would get me on board but I still feel like this is not new reader friendly. Still could care less about any of the sub characters and I feel little was done to make me care, art feels flat and dated, the dialogue between rocket red and rock dude is painfully cliche, and batman seems out of character or something. Not for me 3/5. Dropped.

  13. There’s nothing really awful about this, but nothing really interesting either. It all just feels really… average.

  14. Reading this second issue actually made me feel better about the shortcomings of the first. I felt like there was a more solid reason why the team was so disjointed last issue and now at least see the beginnings of the team gelling together more. I’m in for issue three!

  15. This issue had alot of drama due, adventure, and danger all around and poor Booster has got his hands full with the leadership which he seems to want less and less. Here comes Guy to the resque; or is it to make things worse all the way around? Poor Ice she just does not catch a break it seems even in this reboot she is down for the count almost right away. Batman seems a little strange in this book right now and I am not sure what it is? 4 out 5 good work!!

    Just sayin’,


  16. that booster redesign is one of the better ones

    • edward-
      I disagree some what. Me personally I prefered the old costume however; I like the new Booster personality.

      Just sayin’,


  17. 4 star book

    I really liked the character interactions, they felt fun and funny.

    Good book.

  18. JLI is a surprise for me. Having never really read anything JLI pre-New52, the first issue was awesome for me, it made me laugh out loud and I enjoyed reading it, this second book did much of the same.

    As long as JLI makes me laugh I am on board for the ride.

  19. Issue #2 was definitely better than issue #1. I’ll probably stick with it for the first arc.

  20. Nice to see some comics that deliver good ‘ol superhero fun and action! Lookin’ good, JLI!

  21. A lot of people are loving OMAC because it is fun, but I am dropping it. THIS is where there fun is for me. So great!

  22. its good to see galacus in the DCU

  23. First off, this book does three things that the more overexposed Justice League book does not.

    1) It has a team, you know, actually IN IT.
    2) It has a villian.
    3) It does not need a seven week shipping schedule to stay “on time.” (And, well, do any of us really believe Lee can even stick to that??)

    JLI is a good comic book. It does not try and be any bigger than it should be and therefore isn’t as heavy handed and overwrought as Johns’ JL book. It puts a team together, makes a believable dramatic conflict within the team (Booster’s leadership; Rocket and August General’s fued), and gives them something to punch. The dialogue is good (which is unfortunately rare in the DCnU) and the art is top notch. Yes, maybe no one is jacking off over it like Animal Man or Swamp Thing, but this book accomplishes everything a good superhero team book should. (But, yes, like a lot of the DCnU, it COMPLETELY fails on DC’s “New Reader Friendly” mandate…)

    So far, even just two issues in, I love this book.

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